Here's Your First Glimpse Of Sophie Turner's Wedding Dress

Here's Your First Glimpse Of Sophie Turner's Wedding Dress

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have finally wrapped up all of their wedding festivities (for now, at least.) The couple pulled off a gorgeous second celebration in the south of France, following a kitschy first ceremony in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. While Turner opted for a fun bridal jumpsuit when she tied the knot in Vegas, she went for a much more traditional look at her French wedding-and now fans have a first look at the dress.

In an aerial photo taken some time during the wedding, you can just make out Turner's elegant white gown, which seems to have featured a full ballroom skirt and capped sleeves. The distant image also shows that she wore a long, flowing white veil for an extra dose of bridal glamour. A source told E! News that "Sophie wore a long lace dress with sleeves. She had her hair down with a veil and had light makeup."

There had been some speculation that perhaps Turner had picked out her dress at Kleinfeld, the famed NYC bridal shop from the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress, after her brother-in-law Kevin Jonas was photographed hauling in a garment bag from the boutique. Turner still hasn't confirmed where the dress came from, but according to Us Weekly, the design was from Louis Vuitton, with whom Turner has worked in the past.

The wedding itself is reported to have been a glamorous way to end a weekend full of activities. After the couple arrived in Paris and hung out with friends, they hosted a series of events for guests at several French chateaus. There was a pool party and an all-white rehearsal dinner, and it all ended with a ceremony that was filled with white flowers and glittering glass candles. Jonas and Turner outdid themselves, but to be fair, they had one ceremony already to practice.

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