14 Totally Rational Wedding Day Worries Every Bride Has

14 Totally Rational Wedding Day Worries Every Bride Has

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Everyone always says, "Stop being such a worrywart" or "Don't worry, everything will work out". But, like any other bride, you can't help but stress out. After all, it's only the biggest day of your life and you'd hate for anything to go awry. So join the club, brides, because here are 14 totally "rational" wedding day worries that run through every engaged gal's mind.

1. Bad weather

More specifically, rain, especially if you're saying, "I do" outside, but not necessarily. Every couple loves taking pics outdoors and would hate to have the weather rain on their parade. Hey, that's what backup plans are for though. Oh, and clear umbrellas and rain boots too. Let's face it, you'll be checking the weather like a mad man every day leading up to the wedding. There's just no way of getting around it.

2. Dress drama

What if it doesn't fit? What if it's too long? What if you spill something on it before you even get down the aisle? What if someone steps on the train, or worse, it totally rips on the dance floor? So many things could go wrong, ugh.

3. Someone not showing up

Whether it's the groom (noooo!), one of the bridesmaids or a vendor, every bride can't help but fret about a key person to their big day not showing up and leaving them stranded. Um, like the officiant. Now, that would be bad!

4. Tripping down the aisle

You're probably getting the jitters right now just thinking about it! The walk down the aisle is supposed to be so elegant and graceful, and that's a lot of pressure for one bride to handle, particularly with all those eyes on her. You'll never live it down if you bust your ass or fall flat on your face on that walk.

5. Ugly crying

Think Chrissy Teigen at the 2015 Golden Globes kind of ugly cry where the mascara (note to all brides: wear waterproof!) is literally running down your face. It's a legit worry, and chances are, you will shed a tear or two, but with the right tools (again, waterproof mascara… it'll save your life, some tissues and a hand squeeze from your hubby) you'll be good to go and just as stunning as ever.

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6. Drinking too much

Alcohol calms your nerves, but you know too much booze on your big day is never a good thing, ah! You'll be popping champagne while you're getting ready. Hopefully your BFFs can help you keep the alcohol in check so you don't overdo it. Just enough to take the edge off!

7. The groom getting too drunk

Honestly, what it comes down to is you don't trust his groomsmen and guy friends to not try to feed him shots the entire night. And you ain't trying to babysit nobody, especially not him. Let's just say you'll definitely be having a big talk with your guy beforehand.

8. Out of control guests

And/or inebriated bridal party members causing a scene. Let's just hope your Uncle Fred can keep it together for five hours…

9. Embarrassing speeches

Under no circumstances does grandma ever need to find out about that one time you downed one too many margaritas in Vegas and hopped up on the bar only to get swiftly kicked out. Or the time your groom accidently puked all over one of your bridesmaids. Eek! Is it possible to vet speeches beforehand? Because like, that would be really, really awesome/necessary.

10. Screwing up the first dance

You took dance lessons for a reason, but OMG, what if you forget all the steps and totally screw up everything in front of everyone. Having to dance for an audience already gives you enough anxiety as is!

11. No one dancing

It's, like, every bride's worst fear: a completely empty dance floor and a bunch of awkwardness all around. Number one reason to hire a dope DJ, right?

12. Everyone peacing out early

What if your wedding is so boring that everyone just dips out early to go do something else? It's a totally rational but also completely irrational thought because you planned a banging big day and everyone will obvy want to stay, duh.

13. Someone trying to steal your thunder

It seems like there's always that one person at every wedding that tries to upstage the bride, and she's not always wearing white either! Maybe her dress is just more expensive than the bride's or she had her hair and makeup done professionally and looks like a runway model. Or perhaps she takes over the dance floor and has all eyes on her. Ain't no bride got time for that on her big day.

14. Bad food

Of course, you had a tasting, but what if something terrible happens and the food winds up tasting like crap the day of? What will your guests think? Ugh, hopefully the caterer gets it right…


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