6 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation

6 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Invitation

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The honeymoon is over and now you are looking for a way to preserve the happiest day of your life. Petals from your bouquet are pressed and ready for framing. Your wedding dress is sitting with a preservationist. Now, it is time to do something with your extra wedding invitations. Here are six ways to turn your handpicked stationery into a cherished keepsake.

1. The simplest, most popular way to preserve your wedding invitation is with a frame.

You may choose to register for a double invitation frame, or have it framed by a professional. If you choose the latter, consider including a petal from your bouquet as a special touch.

2. Design a custom wedding invitation decoupage plate for your own home, or as a gift.

"When a bride brings us their wedding invitation to be decoupaged, it is usually as a gift to her parents and new in-laws as a thank you and remembrance of their special day," says Glenda Perrett of Marye-Kelley Decoupage. The in-house design team at Marye-Kelley Decoupage will use your invitation and envelope lining to create a plate that is truly personalized.

3. Don't wait until your 25th anniversary to get the gift of silver.

Celebrate your new life together with an engraved sterling silver or pewter wedding invitation tray. Display this one-of-a-kind memento in your dining room or kitchen for years to come. One day, it may even be displayed in your child's home.

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4. Turn your wedding invitation into a keepsake box.

When Linda Daoud of Bazaar Glass LLC creates her glass wedding invitation keepsake boxes, she encourages brides to use both sides of the lid to preserve special items. "My clients usually opt for the invitation to be seen from the outside while other items like maps, reception card or even photos may be placed on the underside of the lid to be seen when the box is opened," says Daoud. A keepsake box is not only a unique and permanent display of your wedding day, but a great conversation piece for your home.

5. If you are an eco-friendly bride, turn your wedding invitation into a print that you can hang with Plywerk.

Every piece of Plywerk is sustainably produced using 100 percent solar energy. You can either mail in one of your wedding invitations to be mounted on a piece of eco-friendly wood, or scan your invite to be printed and mounted for you.

6. Turn your wedding invitation into a beloved Christmas ornament using these simple DIY instructions.


Large Globe Ornament

Wedding Invitation



Paper Trimmer



Cut the invitation into strips that are 1/4" wide. Wrap the strips around a pen to curl. Insert each strip of paper into the globe. Shake your ornament throughout this process to make room for additional paper. Sprinkle glitter inside the bulb for a little sparkle! Place the top back on the globe. Use the ribbon to tie a bow through the top. Hang your new ornament and have a merry first Christmas as husband and wife!


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