Our Friends Eloped! Should We Send a Wedding Gift?

Our Friends Eloped! Should We Send a Wedding Gift?

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In addition to helping couples prepare for their lives together, sending a wedding gift is a great way to congratulate the newlyweds on the exciting step they've taken in their lives together. But what if your friends have opted to skip the big to-do of a wedding? Here's what our experts think about sending a wedding gift to a couple that has eloped.

While couples planning to elope often don't put together wedding registries, sending them a gift is a great way to share your excitement once the news breaks that they've tied the knot. If you'd like to surprise them with a present, go the more traditional route. A great bottle of champagne, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, or a beautiful frame to hang in their home are all great ways to honor the occasion.

You could also ask them if there's something in particular they've been saving up for, whether it's a new gadget for their kitchen or a roomier tent to take on their next camping excursion. Sure, it won't be a surprise, but you'll be happy to know you've gotten them something they'll love - and use!

Cash gifts are always appreciated, and are a great fall-back if you aren't sure what to get. No matter the reason they've eloped, any couple would be happy to have money to spend on dinner during their honeymoon or an album of photos from their private ceremony that they can show to family and friends.

Of course, some couples who elope do decide to put together a registry, especially if they're planning to have a reception with family and friends at a later date. In that case, their registry information will be shared by family members or on their wedding website, so keep an eye out for that link!

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