The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Honeymoon Trend: Glamping

The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Honeymoon Trend: Glamping

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Considering a glamping honeymoon? There's a reason the idea of glamorous camping, which combines all the natural splendor of the great outdoors with the oh-so-luxurious services of a five-star resort, has become the hottest trend for honeymooners and newlywed celebrities alike - both partners get a perfect mix of activities, adventure, relaxation and, of course, pampering. We've already outlined the best locations to get your glamp on across the globe, but what about preparing for the actual vacation itself? This isn't your average honeymoon, so packing, amenities and meals won't be the same old, same old either. Here's everything you need to know - plus a few handy apps to download! - before setting off on your glamping excursion.

Travel light.

Taking a small plane to a remote resort? There may be strict restrictions on baggage weight. Luckily, a lot of luxe camps will gear you up. "Many have wellies, hiking boots, or cowboy boots on hand, so you can leave heavy shoes at home," says Jessica Ourisman, a travel advisor at Brownell Travel in Baltimore.

Bring clothes you don't mind getting muddy.

Chances are you'll spend most of your days exploring the outdoors, so you will get dirty. "Thankfully, many glamping resorts offer free laundry service," says Betsy Donley of Camelback Odyssey Travel in Phoenix.

Staying in a tent? Ask about the bathroom situation…

Be warned: Not every tent will have its own bathroom. So unless you're into getting rained on en route to the loo, ask for one that does when you're booking your stay.

And the electricity situation.

"If you don't love air-dried hair, find out how much power your tent has. Some won't support a hair dryer," says Jessica Ourisman.

Be clear about your food needs.

"Rural resorts often have to ship food in, so you should advise them of any diet restrictions before you get there," says Katie Frederick, travel advisor and founder of Ever After Honeymoons. "You don't want to spring things on them the day you arrive."

Go private.

Glamping resorts are havens for honeymooners and families, so if you crave quiet, request lodgings away from any kids, says Frederick. Also, book your couples' massage ahead of time (spa appointments can fill up fast) and ask about private excursions. Many resorts can set up romantic perks that you won't find on the activities list, like a picnic Г deux during a hike.

Be realistic.

"A lot of people gravitate toward tents because they've seen amazing photos of them, but they're not for everybody," says Ourisman. "If you're not totally comfortable with the outdoors, you can still get an incredible wilderness experience in a cabin or tree house."

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More glamping questions ad concerns? There's an app for that.

Bug Spray-Ultrasonic plays a high-frequency tone that sends mosquitoes and other pesky bugs packing.

AllTrails includes guides to more than 50,000 trails across North America and lets you share your adventure of a lifetime with other glampers.

Dark Sky offers a hyperlocal weather report and tells you to the minute (seriously) when the rain or snow will begin.

iTrack Wildlife helps you identify critters from their footprints with drawings, photos, and cool search features (paw and claw size, number and shape of toes).

SkyView teaches you about the constellations, plus other stellar stuff, like how to tell the difference between a star and a satellite.