The Most Epic Celebrity Wedding Singers: From Lana Del Rey at Kimye's Bash to Blake & Ryan's Surprise Performer

The Most Epic Celebrity Wedding Singers: From Lana Del Rey at Kimye's Bash to Blake & Ryan's Surprise Performer

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Kanye West usually gets his way, which is why we were surprised to hear that Lana Del Rey turned down his request that she sing during his over-the-top October proposal to Kim Kardashian. But Kanye is as persistent as he is successful, which is why we're considerably less surprised that Del Rey finally agreed to perform at Kimye's wedding this weekend!

"Kanye knew how much Kim loved Lana's music, which is why he tried to get her to perform at the proposal," a source told The Daily Mirror. The AT&T Stadium proposal in San Francisco went well without Del Rey's vocals, but Kanye was determined to book the singer for the big day. "He upped the offer to perform at the wedding and told Lana that it's his and Kim's special song and it would mean so much to have her perform it," the source explained of Del Rey's change of heart. "She couldn't say no."

The chanteuse is reportedly set to sing her song "Young and Beautiful", a dramatic tune to fit their multi-national wedding (the latest reports state that they'll have pre-wedding festivities in Paris, including a private tour of the Palace of Versailles, after which they'll fly their 100 or so guests to the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy).

But Yeezy and Kimmie aren't the only A-listers to flex their star power to secure a high-profile performer to play wedding singer for a night. We're looking back at which celebrity nuptials - from Will and Kate to Blake and Ryan - featured unforgettable musical performances.

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Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian: Foster the People

The Breaking Bad star and his wife Lauren are huge music fans. Every moment of their May 2013 wedding, which was 1920s Parisian carnival themed, was punctuated by a meaningful musical moment. But perhaps the most majestic moment was the live performance by indie band Foster the People. For a couple that met and later fell in love at Coachella, it was ideal wedding reception entertainment.

Photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: Stevie Wonder

Naturally, Legend serenaded his bride with his ultra-romantic song "All of Me" at their September 2013 wedding in Lake Como, a tune he wrote for his longtime love. In between her multiple wedding dresses and dazzling pastry wedding cake, though, they had an even more memorable moment: Stevie Wonder performed "Ribbon in the Sky," one of the most popular first-dance wedding songs.

Photo: Getty Images

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Florence Welch

Lively and Reynolds's super-secret September 2012 nuptials at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina was rustic, whimsical (there was a carnival hour!), sweet (desserts galore for the budding lifestyle maven) and very personal. So much so, in fact, that Lively's BFF Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine, sang three songs at the wedding. Though the pals go way back, Welch was jittery about contributing to her friend's special day. "Florence said she was singing for a good friend and this was her wedding gift for the bride and groom… She said she performs all the time, but she was performing at the wedding and she got nervous because it was for a friend," a source revealed.

Photo: Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Ellie Goulding

Who knew the Royals were so hip?! Ellie Goulding sang her cover of Elton John's "Your Song" for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first dance as a married couple - a career-making moment for the singer. She already was popular in England, but that, plus her subsequent performance on Saturday Night Live, shot her into the star stratosphere.

Honorable mentions: Justin Timberlake, Barbra Streisand

When you're an internationally renowned singer, it's only natural you'd sing on your big day! Both JT and Babs were more than happy to mix work and pleasure at their weddings. Timberlake sang as Jessica Biel walked down the aisle at their October 2012 wedding, while Streisand serenaded husband James Brolin with two new love songs at their 1998 nuptials. People who marry singers are the luckiest people in the world, huh?