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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, Hair Twins, Use the Same Shampoo

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, Hair Twins, Use the Same Shampoo

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The couple that swaps beauty products together, stays together. That philosophy seems to be working so far for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, who treat their matching blond manes with the same shampoo, as Baldwin recently revealed in a new essay for Marie Claire.

In the essay, the model discussed her low-maintenance approach to her hair and makeup. "I'm just so impatient and I don't like spending a lot of time on myself every day," she said. "On most days, I pull my hair back and use Mane 'n Tail leave-in conditioner as my hairspray to nourish it and prevent breakage but still look styled," she went on, before adding, "My husband, Justin, and I actually share the same Unite shampoo in our shower."

It makes sense that the same salon-grade shampoo would work for both of them: Though Baldwin mentioned in her essay that she's currently trying to grow out her hair, for now, she and her husband are still sporting extremely similar 'dos. Since they first began dating last summer, not only have they stuck to complementary wardrobes of comfy sweats, but they've also both worn their blond hair in choppy, shoulder-length styles, often pulled back in matching buns or ponytails.

One thing the Biebers don't share, however, is skin care. "I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm that's formulated with my blood," she told Marie Claire. "I don't think he wants to put something that was made from my body on himself."

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Earlier this year, Baldwin gave an even more intimate look inside her and Bieber's life as newlyweds. "It's definitely scary to be this young and be married," she told her pal Kendall Jenner in a radio interview on Valentine's Day. "It's a scary thing, but it's also the person that I've literally been in love with for so many years." She continued, "I think the forever aspect for me is just like, you don't think about that until you get married. And then you're like, OK, this is really like, this is forever… Meaning like, there is no end." And also, if their shared shampoo is doing the trick, no split ends.