Real Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding-Registry Regret

Real Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding-Registry Regret

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Creating a wedding registry is a lot like sending a detailed letter to Santa Claus as a kid: You've really got to be careful what you ask for or else you might wind up disappointed when the big day comes. Oftentimes, due to stress and procrastination however, many couples don't think through their wedding registry as much as they should. Will you have space for that big stainless steel Crock-Pot? Or better yet, are you the type that will ever actually even use it? We asked several brides to share their biggest wedding-registry regrets so you can learn from their mistakes.

"Our Soda Stream. My husband just had to have it. He disappeared with the registry gun while I was busy checking out glasses. We've maybe used it twice so far!" *- Renata *

"I regret my approach rather than what I actually put on my registry. I'd add things to the registry that were on sale, which made them seem like a reasonable deal, then they'd go off sale, and the price would increase drastically; I'm talking hundreds of dollars in one case. It made me look greedy! I ended up checking the registry weekly and removing the items that weren't on sale any longer (all but a couple). I wish I would have understood the extent of price variances before registering." *- Casey *

"I regret asking for a giant roasting pan like the ones you use to cook a huge turkey in! I probably won't be able to bust it out for a few more years when we actually have a house. So, it's currently taking up it's own cabinet in our kitchen." - Savannah

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"An Espresso Machine. I was hesitant at first, but decided to just do it. We've been married almost three years now, and I think we've used it three times… " *- Toni *

"My biggest regret? Not registering. I love Crate & Barrel as much as the next gal, but it was hard spending all those gift cards in one place." - Lauren

"Popover and bundt cake pan - I still have yet to use them. As well as a panini grill, I've used it twice. Both take up so much space I have to use my oven for storage!" - Shane

"We picked out glassware for every drink offering known to man. Eleven years in, we've yet to drink brandy from our snifters." - Molly

"Silver ice cream scoop. We don't eat ice cream and somehow we have two scoops." - Rachel


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