Meet Our New Guest Blogger: Good Morning America Anchor Sara Haines Reveals How She Finally Found "The One"

Meet Our New Guest Blogger: Good Morning America Anchor Sara Haines Reveals How She Finally Found "The One"

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Meet our latest real bride blogger, Good Morning America anchor and ABC News correspondent Sara Haines! Whether it's how to throw a destination wedding from afar, picking a bridesmaid dress all of her 'maids will love or finding her dream wedding dress, Sara is taking us inside her wedding-planning process. For her first installment, though, she's sharing how she met the man she's about to marry!

I always assumed that I would be married with kids by the time I entered my thirties. In the blink of an eye, that time had come and gone - sans the husband and kids. And although New York City seems like the perfect place to date because there are so many people and places to meet those people… that's not always the case. At least not for me. Dating is hard - wherever you are. But as it turned out, all of my single friends had online profiles. And because I was tired of living vicariously through them, I too decided to take my dating digital.

I decided on OKCupid because, well, it was free! I didn't want this to be like an unused gym membership, where you pay for something and then feel pressure to use it even during those crazy-busy weeks at work. I whipped up a profile, but I worried that my self-image wasn't in line with what everyone else saw. So I turned to my closest confidants - my brother and my best friend. Their edits to my profile brought some laughs (for sure), but also some helpful tweaks. For example, my best friend explained that although she understood that my laugh may be something people notice first about me (good), that using a term like "cackle" to describe it only calls up images of a witch (bad).

Once the edits were finalized, and the committee approved, I was off! I really enjoyed the process. After a few weeks exploring New York's finest in this digital wonderland, Max (my fiancГ©) messaged me (although I had already noticed his profile, so it's debatable who gets the finders fee on this one). We scheduled a date, but something came up, so I had to cancel.

I remember the day, it was a Friday, when I got a message asking, "What happened to our date?" We decided to meet up that night for a drink. While I was texting Max, my brother and his boyfriend had written that they would be at my favorite spot having a drink. So, when Max asked where we should meet, the light bulb went off. Just in case this date doesn't go well, why not have my brother there to continue the evening's festivities? I warned Max (five minutes before our 8:00 p.m. date) that my brother may swing by (he was already there) and then I texted my brother that I was meeting a guy there, so we could make it a group date. Well, my brother never got the text, so when the inevitably awkward moment unfolded, my brother didn't quite realize that we were just meeting for the first time.

In my bro's typical fashion, he and his boyfriend stayed for one drink and then politely excused themselves. Max and I ended up hitting it off pretty quickly. Our drink turned into dinner, which turned into after-dinner drinks. As I always say when people ask if I knew he was the one - I didn't "know" anything (I can barely decide what I want for dinner at night), but I did know I wanted to see him again.

A year later we moved in together. And nine months after that, he proposed.