This New Wedding Trend Is So Artistic

This New Wedding Trend Is So Artistic

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It's no secret that wedding photo booths are getting played out. Sure they are still super fun but it's pretty much been there, done that. Capturing the excitement and romance of the day is an essential for any wedding reception - but before there was the camera, there was the painter. How about a live portrait painted right at your wedding? Hiring a painter to capture different moments throughout your special day is the latest trend to take over weddings.

Having your guests take home a painting from your wedding is a special reminder of the day you all shared together! After all it takes some of us literally years to figure out what to do with all those photos we have on our phones - raise your hand if you haven't developed a photo since the day you downloaded Instagram from the app store? But with a beautiful painting, all you need to is frame it and you have the ultimate wedding gift! And as a bonus your guests get to watch these paintings come to life during the ceremony and reception. Sure, m weddings still have a photographer in addition to the live painter (after all, portraits take a lot longer than a quick photo) but these portraits can often capture very special and intimate that a photograph cannot.

As with any major wedding trend, a number of companies have popped up to offer this unique artistic service. Wed on Canvas, Live Event Painting by Jessica, Nataliya Live Artist, Harvie Oil Paintings, are just a few of the vendors who can turn your wedding into a masterpiece. A guest who was at an event with Live Event Painting by Jessica Weiss-Stevens said, "Jessica was amazing! Her work is beautiful! Jessica not only provides you with a lifetime keepsake of your wedding but she also is a focal point at the event. My guests loved talking to her and watching the progress of the painting through out the night."

It's official: live painting is the new photo booth.


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