6 Wedding Ceremony and Reception Signs We Love

6 Wedding Ceremony and Reception Signs We Love

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Whether you're getting married in your backyard or on a beach, at a reception hall or across an expansive farm, giving your guests some insight into the big day is important once they arrive. While wedding signs are a necessary part of making your wedding day go smoothly, they can also be a unique and beautiful part of your dГ©cor. To inspire your own ceremony or reception signs, we're showcasing six ideas we love.

Turn a vintage frame, like the one seen above, into a show stopping ceremony sign that won't burst your budget. Remove any backing and commission a calligrapher (or talented friend) to scrawl any pertinent information onto the glass in gold paint.

Photo: A Guy + A Girl Photography

For a ceremony and reception that spans across an entire property, having an illustrated map with important locations is a pretty (not to mention, helpful!) way to invite guests to the party. Highlight the sites of specific events, like your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, as well as places of interest for guests, like restrooms and guest parking.

Photo: Redfield Photography

Upgrade a simple chalkboard sign with rustic reclaimed wood frame. The simple design and romantic floral details prove that a more understated style can make as big of an impact as something bold and busy.

Photo: With Love & Embers

For a rustic bash, nothing speaks to your style more than rough-cut wood and simple lettering. We love how this hand-painted sign helps guests identify where they need to be while still remaining thematically on point.

Photo: Christine Farah

Modern couples, keep in mind that your options are limitless, too: This bold, graphic option proves that formal can still be fun. Mix and match colors that fit the vibe of your reception and get creative with cool shapes and patterns.

Photo: Mariel Hannah Photo

Chalkboard signs have become commonplace at weddings, but that doesn't mean yours has to look like all the rest. This fun option is adorned with ribbon and greenery and features a washed-out look that makes it feel special.