Hamilton 's Phillipa Soo and Rescue Me Star Steven Pasquale Are Married

Hamilton 's Phillipa Soo and Rescue Me Star Steven Pasquale Are Married

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Raise a glass! Hamilton star Phillipa Soo just tied the knot with her love, Rescue Me actor Steven Pasquale. And with the bride's casual bohemian wedding dress and flower crown and the couple's celebrity wedding guests, the only thing to make this big day better was if they gave out Hamilton tickets as wedding favors.

Both theater stars in their own right, Soo originated the role of Elizabeth Schuyler in Broadway's Hamilton (have you heard of it?) and earned herself a Tony nomination for the portrayal, before also scoring the lead in the new musical AmГ©lie. Meanwhile, her brand new husband has also enjoyed some fame on the stage, previously playing the male lead in the 1998 American tour of Miss Saigon, before landing the role of Sean Garrity in the FX television series Rescue Me. So basically, if there wasn't at least one sing-along at this reception, we will be highly disappointed.

Soo and Pasquale announced their engagement back in February of last year with a low-key engagement ring selfie posted to Soo's Instagram. "We're engaged! In love with this man. I will enjoy spicy noodle soup with him for the rest of my days," she captioned the photo.

And with those I do's officially said, Soo now has her spicy noodle partner for life!

This past weekend, Soo and Pasquale were wed, with the bride donning a flow-y, boho wedding dress for the occasion. Soo completed her wedding-worthy look with a flower crown of baby's breath. Work!

Actor and fellow Broadway star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was in attendance with his husband Justin Mikita and announced the nuptial news to social media, posting a photo of the reception. "A TOAST TO THE GROOM, TO THE BRIDE!" he captioned the pic, referencing some perfectly applicable Hamilton lyrics.

"Congrats to our beautiful friends @phillipasoo & @stevepasquale," the Modern Family actor continued. "Welcome to the married club! #onabicyclebuiltforsoo." Don't you think that wedding hashtag is worthy of a standing ovation?

Soo's fellow Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. also made the guest list along with his wife, actress Nicolette Robinson, who shared a slew of pics from the wedding. "Gorgeous bride. A wonderful night," Robinson wrote alongside a pic of herself cozying up to the woman of the hour.

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With a beaming bride, a handsome groom, and ecstatic guests, this looks like an almost perfect wedding day. (We say almost because it isn't yet clear if Lin-Manuel Miranda was in attendance.)


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