Paris Hilton Has Officially Found Her Wedding Dress and It's "So Iconic"

Paris Hilton Has Officially Found Her Wedding Dress and It's "So Iconic"

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Rest easy, Paris Hilton fans: The iconic heiress has found an equally iconic wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials. Just weeks after expressing her desire that her dress give off major "Disney princess vibes," Hilton has confirmed that she's officially settled on a style and designer.

"I did pick the final one!" she told People at New York City's Beautycon Festival on Saturday. "It is so iconic and I can't wait for everyone to see."

Though Hilton refrained from spilling all the details, she did say that the custom gown will be made by one of her friends in the fashion world. "Right now we're custom-making it so it is going to be really special," she shared with the outlet. "We looked at a lot of different options because I am friends with so many incredible designers who are so talented. So it was a really hard choice!"

The 37-year-old did, however, reveal who will be responsible for crafting her reception get-up. "Jeremy Scott and I were talking about the after-party look because he has just been my friend since I was a teenager and he would make the perfect after-party dress," she said. "So that is one little hint I'll give! I'm friends with too many designers. Everyone wants to be a part of my wedding."

Hilton announced her engagement to actor Chris Zylka just after New Year's. "I am so excited to be engaged to the love of my life and my best friend," she told People at the time. "I have never felt so happy, safe, and loved. He is perfect for me in every way and showed me that fairytales really do exist!" She followed up the official announcement with an incredibly on-brand tweet, writing, "I'm engaged That's hot!!!"

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Since then, Hilton has kept her fans updated with regular progress reports about the wedding planning process. In March, she shared that she already knew where she'll be getting her wedding cake. "Hansen's cake," she told E! News, referring to the Los Angeles bakery. "I've been having it since I was little for every birthday party. It's the best tasting cake in the world." And just last week, Hilton's mom, Kathy, revealed that the nuptials will take place in a very meaningful locale. "I will say she is getting married at our church where her father and I were married-the Good Shepherd Church-so it's very special," Kathy told People. "Beautiful, beautiful. It is our family church. My mother used to go every morning at six. My father-in-law would go every morning at six. So it's very meaningful."


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