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5 Swanky Spas for Bridal Party Pampering in Dallas

5 Swanky Spas for Bridal Party Pampering in Dallas

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When it comes to wedding planning, no one deserves more pampering than the bride. But let us not forget the ladies who have been there from the engagement toasts to the mini-meltdowns at the wedding dress store - who are almost as deserving as the bride. A fun way to enjoy a relaxing spa party for you and your bridesmaids is just the ticket to enjoy a day of relaxation. A full day of treating yourself (or even an afternoon!) is a perfect way to settle any pre-wedding jitters, so here are our favorite Dallas spas for some good ol' fashioned pampering.

Stay All Day at Koffee Day Spa + Med Spa

Not only does Koffee Day Spa live up to its "affordable luxury" tagline, it also boasts a hefty number of specialty massage services (swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, stones, bamboo, and more). For bridal squads opting for beauty treatments, facials, manicures, and makeup applications are available.

Explore the Spa Castle

Spa Castle is unlike any spa you've ever been to: This sprawling establishment is an oasis of wellness with spa pools, a sauna valley, resting lounges, a fitness center, overnight rooms, and to top it off - a luxurious menu of spa treatments. Spend the entire weekend pool hoppin' and getting pampered with your best girls by your side.

Restore Balance at Serenity Room Day Spa

Experience their specialty, the AromaTouch Technique, a doctor-developed method that uses essential oils to relieve stress, inflammation, and other ailments which brings the body back to a balanced state. Other spa services include massages, skin care, total-body treatments, and waxing. If you and your gals are aching from the stress, this may be just the ticket.

Be One with Nature at the Spa Habitat Organic Spa & Apothecary

With four locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Spa Habitat is easy to get to no matter where you and your bridesmaids are coming from. Unique in that they only use organic and natural products, Spa Habitat works to provide wellness in an eco-friendly way. Relax and unwind with your gal pals with the comfort in knowing that your massage, facial, and even hair removal are holistic and gentle on the environment.

Relax at Woodhouse Day Spa

Tucked away in the quaint city of Victoria, Texas, Woodhouse Day Spa is a peaceful and charming retreat for any bridal party. With over 70 spa treatments to choose from, you and your ladies will have a hard time deciding the best plan of action - which isn't a bad problem to have. Sip on a refreshing beverage and catch up on some gossip - all while lounging in plush robes (provided, of course).


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