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7 Ways to Customize the Inside of Your Groom's Suit Jacket

7 Ways to Customize the Inside of Your Groom's Suit Jacket

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Boys just wanna have fun too! So go ahead, and let your groom get a little playful with his wedding style. While having special dates like your big day etched into the inside of his jacket is a no-brainer, we suggest thinking outside the box with these fabulously fun and creative ideas to customize his wedding suit.

1. Song Lyrics

Kourtney Marquis, founder of Marquis Events in Philadelphia, suggests having some of the lyrics from the couple's first dance song sewn into the groom's suit, along with the date of the wedding. "For example, the lyrics in the photo above is from the song 'Then' by Brad Paisley," Marquis says. Aww.

2. A Favorite Quote

Whether it's a line from a presidential speech, your favorite movie or a saying that his grandmother used to repeat, including a meaningful quote in the lining of the groom's suit jacket is a great way to inspire and motivate him on his wedding day, points out Courtney Geigle, co-founder of My Wed Style.

3. Love Letters

Go big or go home, right? Justin Delaney, CEO of online tux rental site Menguin, tell us that they're currently in the midst of making a suit for a friend where the lining is composed of his love letters to his wife. Now, that's commitment!

4. Your Wedding Hashtag

For the playful groom with a sense of humor, why not get your wedding hashtag embroidered on the inside of his suit? "Couples are so sweet and creative now with their hashtags. It used to be just a combo of the names and dates but now people really work to say something specific about themselves in the hashtag," notes Rachel Jo Silver, Founder of Love Stories TV. And for that reason, it's definitely worth making it permanent.

5. A Line From Your Vows

Nowadays, the norm is to write your own vows. "The most special, memorable line makes a great inscription inside a jacket and great memory for years to come," tells Silver.

6. A Bible Verse

For the religious bride and groom, Kerrie Hileman, founder of White Magnolia Bridal Collection, recommends picking a bible verse that means something to your relationship. "One of my favorites, for example, is 1 John 4:19: We love because He first loved us," she says.

7. A Special Memory

Remind the groom of a special memory you share, like a first date at the planetarium or a sailing race, by embroidering a little image into the inside of his wedding jacket, like in this case, a constellation or a boat, suggests Geigle. "It'll bring you back to the beginning of your relationship and where the sparks first flew."


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