How to Throw the Most Relaxing (and Fun!) Bachelorette Party Ever

How to Throw the Most Relaxing (and Fun!) Bachelorette Party Ever

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What do real brides have to say about the wedding planning experience? Well, it's not all indulgent cake tastings and happy tears at the bridal boutique. Over the next few months, guest blogger and Weddington Way founder and CEO Ilana Stern will share the ins and outs of planning a California wedding, running a business, picking the perfect wedding planner, and customizing your dream dress.

For some brides, the words "bachelorette party" immediately conjure up images of all-nighters in Las Vegas, pool parties in Miami, or daylong wine adventures in Napa Valley. Don't get me wrong, these all sound like a ton of fun, but when I sat down and thought about what I (and my super busy best girlfriends) would love to do for a weekend away, all that came to mind was rest, relaxation, and sunshine (oh, and delicious cocktails, of course!). If, like me, you want to have an unforgettable and relaxing bachelorette party, here are my recommendations for how to make your last fling before the ring a truly memorable and fabulous weekend.

Photo: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The Company

The most important ingredient to any successful bachelorette weekend is the guest list: Your favorite ladies! I spent my bachelorette with five of my closest friends from different life stages (high school, college, and career) and I was excited for everyone to get to know each other. Our group was the perfect size-small enough for intimate dinners and late night chats, but big enough for poolside fun and happy hour! I had the opportunity to spend quality time with each of girls (which I LOVED) while enjoying the group dynamic and the weekend itself.

The Details

Since wedding planning requires a ton of decision making, I was happy to let my friends take control of the bachelorette party. Tiffany and Lauren (two of my bridesmaids) took charge of getting the group organized and spearheaded the itinerary. It was a relief not having to worry about finding a flight or booking a hotel suite or picking a restaurant. Plus, the details didn't stop at coordinating the group! Tiffany is super creative and went DIY crazy to make the weekend even more special. She had ribbon printed with "Ilana's Bachelorette Fiesta" and decorated our rooms with it. She also made gift bags filled with sunblock, mints, double-sided tape, Advil-all of the necessities for a few days filled with sunshine and margaritas. I was so thankful for of all of my friend's creative little details that really made my party remarkable.

Photo: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The Dream Location

Cabo was our chosen destination and there was no question of where to stay: Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort. Although none of us had ever been, we heard amazing things about it (after all, the resort name translates to ""The Windows to Paradise"). Plus, it's well known as a top honeymoon resort and destination wedding venue (think celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Kate Beckinsale lounging poolside). Since the main goal of the trip was relaxation, it was really important for us to be at a resort that made us feel comfortable and Las Ventanas did not disappoint. From Coronitas in the car ride from the airport to mini beach bags filled with homemade agave syrup and vanilla extract left on our pillow before bed, no detail was overlooked. The cherry on top was the amazing and hospitable staff that really made us feel right at home.

Photos: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The Agenda

The key to having the perfect agenda for a relaxing bachelorette: Don't have one! You can't have a relaxing getaway weekend without spending quality time (doing nothing!) by the pool. From cucumber chili popsicles and refreshing watermelon cocktails to Evian spray and buckets of ice water, the poolside scene at Las Ventanas was perfect. The only thing better than hanging out poolside was checking out the breathtaking view of the ocean from inside the infinity pool (see below)-it was truly heaven!

Photo: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The Unexpected

For my bachelorette party I let all organization, planning, and scheduling fly out la ventana (had to say it!) and kept my mind open to the unexpected. We kicked off the trip with an impromptu tequila tasting just after touching down in Mexico (Clase Azul was my fave!). Upon arriving at Las Ventanas, my friends surprised me with a spa appointment where I received an amazing massage (goodbye tension, hello zen!). That night we had a fun girls night in, which involved bachelorette games, cheesy decorations, and girl talk! I was totally shocked when my girlfriends brought out a video of my fiancГ©, Jeff, for the newlywed game! He was tasked with providing the "right" answer to the series of questions that they asked him about me and our relationship. It was absolutely hilarious and I still can't believe that he guessed correctly that the President that I would most like to have lunch with is Abraham Lincoln!

Photo: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The Fun

Don't be afraid to order that extra margarita. There's no better time to indulge in a little sinful relaxation than your bachelorette party, right? We became well acquainted with the pool bar and their dangerously delicious mango margaritas, fresh fish tacos, chips, and guacamole. We also spent time in our hotel room. Now, that may not seem like the best way to spend a bachelorette weekend, but this was no ordinary hotel room. It was a beautiful two-bedroom suite with sweeping views of the beach, an infinity Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean, and plenty of space for us to lounge around. We had breakfast and Mimosas each morning on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Fresh-squeezed orange juice + huevos rancheros + my best friends + amazing view = no better way to start a day of rest and relaxation!

Photo: Courtesy of Ilana Stern

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy and appreciate the sunset, your best friends, and that third glass of Pinot and I promise that you'll feel relaxed and ready for your big day.

-Ilana Stern

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