Serena Williams Has Some Sweet Words for Kate Middleton Following the Birth of Royal Baby No. 3

Serena Williams Has Some Sweet Words for Kate Middleton Following the Birth of Royal Baby No. 3

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If you had your mind blown when Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital literal hours after giving birth to baby No. 3 wearing perfect makeup, a nice dress, and heels, you weren't the only one. It looks like Serena Williams was also in awe of the remarkable feat.

"I was really busy, but I saw the baby, and Kate was dressed, and I was like, 'Oh, maybe she had him a couple days ago,'" she told PopSugar on Tuesday. "That's one heck of a woman! Let me tell you: I was not in heels after I gave birth. I thought she gave birth maybe two days before! Wow."

This is a huge compliment coming from the Serena Williams, tennis superstar and all-around icon. Williams may not have immediately strapped on heels, but she did return to the court a mere five months after giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia. Not only that, but she won a Grand Slam while pregnant, although this just goes to show how tough pregnant people are in general.

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In fact, Williams also pretty much saved her own life shortly after giving birth. Recounting the harrowing experience to Vogue in February, the world's greatest female athlete said that"everything went bad" after she delivered her daughter by emergency C-section without complications. The day after, according to Vogue, she started feeling short of breath and immediately assumed she was having a pulmonary embolism due to her history of blood clots and the fact that the surgery required her to be off her daily anticoagulants.

"She walked out of the hospital room so her mother wouldn't worry and told the nearest nurse, between gasps, that she needed a CT scan with contrast and IV heparin (a blood thinner) right away," wrote Rob Haskell in Vogue. "The nurse thought her pain medicine might be making her confused. But Serena insisted, and soon enough a doctor was performing an ultrasound of her legs. 'I was like, a Doppler? I told you, I need a CT scan and a heparin drip,' she remembers telling the team. The ultrasound revealed nothing, so they sent her for the CT, and sure enough, several small blood clots had settled in her lungs. Minutes later she was on the drip. 'I was like, listen to Dr. Williams!'"

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As if that weren't scary enough, she then developed other complications from the pulmonary embolism, like her C-section wound popping open and a large hematoma flooding her abdomen, which forced her to go back to the OR for more treatment. And then the night nurse bailed, so she she had to spend the first six weeks of motherhood in bed. But four months later, she was back to playing tennis.

“I've been playing tennis since before my memories started,” she told Vogue. “At my age, I see the finish line. And when you see the finish line, you don't slow down. You speed up.”


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