BRIDES Southern California: 5 Delicious Los Angeles Food Trucks for Your Wedding

BRIDES Southern California: 5 Delicious Los Angeles Food Trucks for Your Wedding

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Trend alert: food trucks at wedding receptions are all the rage. And since the food truck frenzy started in the Golden State, adding a touch of it to your wedding day should be an obvious choice for our SoCal brides. Not only does it add an element of fun to your reception or cocktail hour, nowadays there's a truck to cater to any of your food wishes and wants. Here are a few of our favorite (and most delicious!) Los Angeles food trucks - for whatever type of cuisine.


Described as "one of the Los Angeles tacos you need to try before you die," this Mexican-Asian fusion on wheels also has two restaurants in West Los Angeles, so you can easily sample their tacos, sides, and salads before you book. For weddings, they offer several different packages depending on your needs - ranging from light appetizers (think dumplings and steak skewers for your arrivals or cocktail hour) to a full-on dining experience (they even offer gluten and dairy free options for diners).

Sweet E's Bake Shop

Not only can owner Erica and her staff create the most decadent custom wedding cake for you, but this West Hollywood bakery also has an equally sweet food truck that can show up with enough desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. The truck is filled with everything from customized cookies (like adding initials or custom frosting colors) to their signature peanut butter bliss bars. What makes things even better is that all of their products are certified Kosher, and they can easily create vegan and even sugar-free desserts.

Lobsta Truck

Having your nuptials and reception by the ocean? Why not keep the theme going with this truck that was inspired by its owners' trip to Maine - where lobster is always on the menu. The specialty is (no surprise) the Lobsta Roll, featuring fresh lobster meat on a toasted split-top roll with mayo or butter - with other options like a crab roll or traditional clam chowder. A major plus to this type of food truck is the simplicity of eating each of the menu items which is key when choosing your truck since a lot of the dining may involve standing depending on your set up. If you want to kick it up a notch, these lobster connoisseurs can also set you up with a full-on lobster bake complete with lobsters and signature sides for all.

In-n-Out Burger

Any L.A. resident will tell you that this is the one burger joint they crave whenever they leave Southern California - and it's pretty much a SoCal institution, having opened in 1948. Choosing this option would add a serious 'City of Angeles' vibe to your big day, and you can guarantee a grin on your guests' faces when they see the signature red, white and yellow burger truck at your reception. Known for their burgers and fries and the "not-so-secret" menu alterations like Animal Style (no bun) and Flying Dutchman (extra meat extra cheese), no In-n-Out experience is complete without a chocolate or vanilla shake - perfect for a pre-dinner hour snack.

CVT Soft Serve

These guys do one thing and they do it really well - soft serve ice cream. Originally from the east coast, this husband and wife team wanted to create the creamy treat they remembered as kids but weren't able to find in California. The menu is simple: chocolate, vanilla, or a swirl of both with sprinkles on top if desired. Their bed of wheels is adorably vintage, and a perfect vehicle to show up at the end of your reception as a parting sweet treat to all your guests.


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