Real Engagement Story: How Entertainment Reporter Chloe Melas Finally Met Her Perfect Match

Real Engagement Story: How Entertainment Reporter Chloe Melas Finally Met Her Perfect Match

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Meet our new real wedding blogger Chloe Melas, the Senior Entertainment Reporter at and host of VH1's morning show The Gossip Table! Chloe is in the midst of planning her New York City wedding, and she's going to share each step of the process. From her bachelorette party to the honeymoon and everything in between, stay tuned for the reporter's wedding chronicles.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, meaning I was raised on sweet tea, fried chicken, and many Christmases spent watching Gone With The Wind. So finding my own dashing, Rhett Butler was always a top priority of mine. I wanted fireworks, butterflies, the whole shebang - who wouldn't? But slowly I began to realize that my life wasn't turning into some fairy tale and that finding my prince charming was becoming more of a dream than a reality.

Along with searching for love, I've always been incredibly career driven. The day I graduated from Auburn University, I moved to New York to start my dream job, working in the breaking news division at CNN. I immediately immersed myself into this city that I now call home. One year later, I was hired as reporter for the just-launched in 2009 and five years later, I'm the site's Senior Reporter and the host of VH1's hit morning show, The Gossip Table. Despite all of my career success, my quest for Mr. Right was turning into a disappointing pool of Mr. Wrongs.

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Though things changed during the fall of 2012 when I met Brian Mazza. Brian, a native New Yorker and restauranteur, and I were set up on a blind date. We ended up meeting at one of his restaurants, The Ainsworth, and the spark was instant.

After four months of dating, we moved in together and were engaged after eight months. Following our whirlwind romance, he proposed to me in our apartment on a rainy summer night, July 2, 2013. He got down on one knee and presented a stunning diamond engagement ring that he had been designing from almost the moment we started dating. We popped open a bottle of champagne, read a letter from his brother, and called our family and friends.

We're headed to the altar in NYC on October 25, 2014, and coincidentally that's the day we met. Many people thought I'd have a big southern wedding, but I'm bringing the south to the Big Apple! We are getting married at Grace Church and having a black-tie affair at Capitale with some pretty cool surprises planned. But I've got a ways to go: my bridal shower in Southampton, my bachelorette party in Mexico, and a trip to Italy to get some last-minute ideas. So stay tuned!


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