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7 Classic Nail Polishes, in Every Tried-and-True Hue, to Rock on Your Wedding Day

7 Classic Nail Polishes, in Every Tried-and-True Hue, to Rock on Your Wedding Day

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Regardless of your wedding theme or color scheme, a classically hued mani is never at risk of clashing. And if you're looking to complement your bridal style-no matter what it is-with classic wedding nail colors or wedding toe nail colors, look no further.

We've rounded up some of our favorite tried-and-true hues and polishes, from crimson reds to nudes, from glossy to matte, for timeless manicure inspiration.

Pale Pink: Ballet Slippers by Essie

A cult favorite amongst Essie enthusiasts, Ballet Slippers is a beautiful pale pink with a sheer-ish finish. For full coverage, consider two or three coats, or, if you prefer a more natural look, just one will do. Either way, this neutral pale tone is the perfect feminine, flirty option.

Ballet Slippers, $9, Essie available at Walmart

Nude: Sugar Dune by Tom Ford

Courtesy of Tom Ford

For a subtle tint that still looks classic and cool, Tom Ford's Sugar Dune is a perfect fit. High-coverage pigment and high shine are two features of the collection, which will leave your manicure looking fresh and new.

Sugar Dune, $36, Tom Ford available by Sephora

Vibrant Red: Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Espadrilles by Chanel

Courtesy of Chanel

Want to go bold? Kick things up a notch by embracing a bright red that's pure fire. One of our favorites is Chanel's Le Vernis Longwear in Espadrilles, which totes a glossy lacquered finish. There's no better shade than a feisty cherry red to add a pretty pop of color to an otherwise-white bridal ensemble.

Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Espadrilles, $28, Chanel

Clear: Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat by OPI

Courtesy of OPI

If color isn't your thing, don't force yourself to wear it down the aisle. You can still rock a healthy, well-maintained manicure thanks to OPI's Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat. Gorgeously glossy and super shiny, this top coat is intended to seal and brighten a base coat, but looks fabulous all on its own, too. Plus, by opting for a clear finish, you can leave the spotlight on your wedding rings!

Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat, $13.95, OPI available at Ulta

Deep Red: Single Ladies by Deborah Lippman

Courtesy of Deborah Lippman

For a moody mani that adds a bit of personality to your look, a deep rich hue within the red family is the way to go-especially in the winter months. While you won't be a single lady any longer, Deborah Lippman's merlot-hued Single Ladies is the perfect winter wedding shade.

Single Ladies, $18, Deborah Lippman available at Barneys

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A Little Sparkle: Tomoko Pixie Dust by Zoya

Courtesy of Zoya

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go with a polish that's ready to party. This sparkly (yet not obnoxious) polish totes a beautiful champagne base, mixed with fine glitter. Paint all ten of your digits with this color, or consider just applying it to your ring finger to showcase your engagement ring.

Tomoko Pixie Dust, $10, Zoya available at Natural Healthy Concepts

Metallic: Penny Talk by Essie

Courtesy of Essie

Match your diamond's shine with a polish that reflects light with a stunning metallic finish. Penny Talk by Essie is a gorgeous rose gold with a mirrored metallic finish. Combining that futuristic shine with a classic hue is a foolproof way to achieve a modern mani that's still unmistakably bridal.

Penny Talk, $9, Essie available at Kohl's