The New Geode Wedding Cake Trend That's Taking the Internet By Storm

The New Geode Wedding Cake Trend That's Taking the Internet By Storm

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Currently trending right now: Wedding cakes inspired by geodes (a.k.a. those rocklike mineral formations that split open to reveal beautiful swirls of multi-hued crystals). These stunning nature-inspired wedding cakes are guaranteed to make jaws drop at your reception. Check out these six gorgeous takes on this trend.

Emerald Geode Cake (above): This stunning confection by MJ Cakes features marbled tiers and a glimmering deep-green sugar geode cut from the side.

Amethyst Geode Cake: This earthy, organic-looking cake by Irina Murashko features hand-painted tiers and amethyst geode accents.

Izzy Hudgins Photography

Rose Quartz Geode Cake: This modern take on the geode cake trend by A Squad Bake Shop features cut pieces of rose quartz geodes entirely made of sugar.

Ali & Garrett Photographers //

Amethyst Geode Cake: Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings created this stunning confection using a combination of granulated sugar, rock candy, and modeling chocolate to create the geode, then added additional embellishments like hand painting and golf leaf on the tiers.

Geode Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf: Cover the top tier entirely in edible gold leaf, then decorate the bottom with sugar geode pieces studded all around.

Succulents and Candles: This stunning three-tiered cake by Sainte G. Cake Company features an inset on the bottom tier decorated with geodes and crystals.