Killer Manicure Styles to Match That Гњbertrendy Engagement Ring

Killer Manicure Styles to Match That Гњbertrendy Engagement Ring

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Pick a filter and prepare for the likes to pour in: That ring selfie of yours will get a serious upgrade with our comprehensive cool-girl guide to the best manicure styles for your engagement ring.

Gone are the days of pairing your halo-adorned, cushion-cut-diamond engagement ring with a mani in the palest of pinks. The idea that your manicure has to be as classic as your bling is long gone, ladies. Brides are no longer limited to pastels and soft-white nail colors. (They never really were, TBH, despite what your grandma might have told you… )

Today, brides-to-be are taking a cue from the Fashion Week runways and their Pinterest feeds, opting to pair their engagement rings with nail art as eye-catching as their sparkler.

Our friends over at Allure styled this stunning shoot with photographer Felix Wong, pairing the year's freshest nail designs-from the daring and quirky to the minimalist and geometric-with some of 2017's hottest engagement-ring trends. The decidedly unique, unexpected edge popping up in the collections by today's top ring designers has us full-on obsessed.

From stacked rings that seamlessly meld daintiness with a feminine edginess to colorful accents that truly pop, engagement rings are not always defined by that old bigger-is-always-better adage. Designers are giving their bling a more modern vibe with trending details like alluring geometric shapes and intricate floral motifs-and we're loving it. Because the best way to stand out on Instagram in a sea of selfies? An engagement ring/mani pairing full of playful personality (you know, like the girl actually wearing it!). Here are our most beloved trending rings-and some nail inspo that'll complement them to a T!

Photo by Felix Wong

Trumpet & Horn
A feminine floral design and bright accents in a bridal-white hue make this ring feel whimsical and ultraspecial. Pair with a 3-D flowery mani for even more of a femme edge.

Photo by Felix Wong

These super-stackable rings all have a pretty, romantic vibe that pairs perfectly with a metallic twist on the ol' French manicure. Each ring has such intricate detail, they can easily be worn individually or all together.

Photo by Felix Wong

Tiffany & Co.
Even if you're a more classic type of gal, craving a diamond with a traditional cut, you can still punch up the personality of your mani, thanks to a quirky (and totes easy) dotted design.

Photo by Felix Wong

This vintage-inspired diamond ring reflects Old World charm with its stunning sapphire accents. Add a contrasting hue to your nails (there's no shame in consulting a color wheel!) for a healthy helping of modernity.

Photo by Felix Wong

Anna Sheffield
The pretty pearls in this mani complement the embedded pearls that freshen up this beautiful band. Another contemporary detail? The pear-cut stone sitting on this romantic rose-gold ring. Stones in a fancy shape-such as pear and marquise-are back in style, y'all! We know, we know-we're excited too.

Photo by Felix Wong

Jennie Kwon
Jennie Kwon ring stacks are really, really big this year. It's all about personalizing your stack to make it look and feel like your own. As this chic bright-blue mani proves, anything goes.


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