George and Amal Clooney Are Expecting Twins

George and Amal Clooney Are Expecting Twins

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Twinning is officially winning 2017.

George and Amal Clooney are reportedly expecting twins, The Talk host Julie Chen announced on Thursday's show. And per Us Weekly, a source confirmed they are due this June. Pregnancy rumors have enveloped the couple since they were wed in 2014-most recently in January when Amal was spotted with a hint of a baby bump, setting the public into a tailspin that George-the notorious bachelor turned devoted husband who never wanted children-was set to become a father.

"BeyoncГ© is not the only superstar expecting twins," Chen said on air. "Congratulations are in order for George and Amal Clooney!"

"The Talk has confirmed that the 55-year-old superstar and his highly accomplished 39-year-old attorney wife are expecting twins. Give her the armrest, by the way, she's pregnant!" Chen continued.

The couple met in 2013 and were married a year later in a star-studded affair in Venice, Italy.

The Clooneys join a growing list of celebrities who have announced their pregnancies in 2017, from Lauren Conrad to Rosie Huntington-Whitely (who also announced on Thursday) to, of course, BeyoncГ©, who announced her twins with a spectacular set of images-not exactly Amal's style, but if you need some ideas, we'd fully support an underwater pregnancy shoot.

Reps for the couple have not yet confirmed the news.

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