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The Bridal Salon Shopping Tips You Need to Know

The Bridal Salon Shopping Tips You Need to Know

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Who's ready to say yes to the dress? If you're a bride-to-be, chances are, you're ready to get straight to a bridal salon and try on some gorgeous wedding dresses. Hey, we don't blame you! But before you arrive at your much-anticipated appointment, we've got a few tips on how to make the absolute most of it and walk away with the dress of your dreams, all while having fun in the process.

Do Your Research First

Before you even get to your appointment, Co-Owner of Kleinfeld, Mara Urshel, recommends beginning your dress search by browsing bridal gown photos online and in magazines (hello, Pinterest board!). "It will be helpful to your bridal consultant if you share what you love and what you hate about certain styles," she says. However, once you get there it's equally as important to keep an open mind. Remember that sometimes what you love in pictures doesn't always translate to your body type or real life.

Set an All-Inclusive Budget

By this, we mean to factor every single dress and accessory cost, including taxes, into your max amount. "At Kleinfeld, we like to remind brides to set an honest budget and be sure it includes alterations, a veil, and undergarments," explains Urshel. Sometimes the accessories can actually add up to more than the gown, she notes.

Don't Take Too Many Guests With You

Grace Loves Lace Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems, strongly encourages brides to bring one to three people, max, with them to their bridal salon appointment. "You really need someone who knows you and your style; however, having too many opinions can make you even more confused," she points out.

Be Open to Wearing a Ceremony Gown and a Reception Gown

Ziems finds most brides come down to two favoriteВ looks: one that's more polished and classic and the other that is really fun and adventurous. "It's your day! Make the most of it and do both."

Rock the Right Undergarments

Don't forget that during your bridal appointment you will be undressing in front of a bridal consultant and possibly your friends and family, says Urshel. "You should wear the proper undergarments, which you may also consider wearing on your wedding day, such as a strapless bra or shapewear." And the right underwear is a must too. "Think skin-colored and sucking you in in all the right places," advises Ziems.

Believe in Your Beauty

Confidence really is key to a smooth and successful dress appointment. Know that you're beautiful, and go ahead and celebrate yourself, suggests Ziems. "A bride who is comfortable and confident in her own skin has already nailed it." And we couldn't agree more!

Have Fun!

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy yourself! You're buying a wedding dress, after all, so don't be so "serious" about it, says Ziems. "Let the salon and your consultant be the ones to take care of the serious side of things once you've chosen." Your main goal should be to just have fun.


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