Real Brides Share Their Wedding Night Accommodations Regret Stories

Real Brides Share Their Wedding Night Accommodations Regret Stories

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Whether you're a destination bride or just looking to go big (not home!) on your wedding night, where you stay right after you get married is pretty darn important. Do you book a quaint bed and breakfast? Splurge on a five-star hotel suite? Or just grab a room in the block with all your other guests? Hmm… decisions, decisions! To help you make up your mind, we tracked down a few brides, who, in retrospect, really wish they had put a little more thought into the whole wedding night accommodations thing. Perhaps you can learn from their mistakes?

We Should Have Read All the Reviews (The Good Too)

"We stayed at a bed and breakfast in the area, and the one thing I regret is not reading all the reviews first. Although they were good, several people did mention how the lady who owns the B&B is sweet but a little too involved. She was all over us the whole time and way too 'helpful,' making it hard to even relax. She probably figured out that she was getting on my nerves because she backed off and wasn't as cheery with us the last day." - Melissa

We Shouldn't Have Spent so Much

"While it's a night I'll definitely never forget, I think we would have been just as happy in a standard room with a view as we were in the honeymoon suite. Don't get me wrong… it was beautiful and I loved it and I felt like a total princess, however, I do think it was a bit of a rip-off. Shhh, don't tell my husband that though!" - MacKenzie

We Should Have Just Splurged

"We decided to save money and just crash at our apartment on our wedding night, which wasn't bad per say, but I do wish we would have found money in the budget and cut back on something else like food, flowers, or whatever so we could have booked a nice hotel and made the evening that much more special. Oh well, there's always the first anniversary!" - Claire

We Shouldn't Have Stayed at the Same Hotel as Our Guests

"If you're hoping for a private and romantic wedding night, may I highly advise not booking a room at the same place all your guests are staying! We hung out with our friends at a small after-party in our hotel suite and some people literally couldn't take the hint to leave when we were ready to call it a night. His drunk cousin almost crashed in our room, and it took forever to get him out. By the time we were finally alone, we were too tired to do anything but sleep." - Rachelle

We Should Have Stayed Closer to the Venue

"I really wish we hadn't decided to book a hotel thirty minutes away from the venue. It made things so much more complicated and stressful than they needed to be. Granted, it was the nicest hotel in town, we could have found something that was decent, comfortable, and much closer and that would have taken my stress levels way down. Not to mention, I could have slept in longer the next morning instead of rushing to make it to our morning-after brunch!" - Kailyn