6 Ways to Incorporate Legal Marijuana Into Your Wedding Day

6 Ways to Incorporate Legal Marijuana Into Your Wedding Day

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Not only is it now legal to recreationally use marijuana in some states, incorporating cannabis into weddings has become increasingly common. Before you write it off as odd or potentially tacky - don't. Herb-al weddings can be extraordinarily chic and sophisticated, and wedding planners have come up with some truly creative ways to incorporate it into a couple's big day.

Speaking of wedding planners, you really do need to hire someone who knows her way around weed laws and regulations if you want to add this element to your wedding. Fortunately, with the trend becoming more popular (especially in California with the recently passed marijuana law), bridal gurus are educating themselves and making sure they have their ear to the legal pulse.

We spoke to California-based Ivy Gaitatzis, CEO and founder of California-based Voulez Events, who's currently involved in organizing San Francisco's Cannabis Wedding Expo. “We have to respect the laws in place and those laws vary from county to county,” she said. “The very first thing couples need to do is consult with someone who's aware of all the legalities.”

With that advice, we're excited to share some creative ways you can incorporate cannabis into your wedding day.

1. Adult Corner

The “adult corner” - which can either be completely private or partially tucked away - is the best way to “keep marijuana away from the kids at the wedding, and away from those who don't really want it in their face,” said Gaitatzis. She says that it doesn't have to be completely secluded, but it needs to offer at least a semi-private area for those who want to partake. Gaitatzis recommends creating a clever, weed-themed sign to indicate where the “adult only” room or outdoors area is located. In this space, the bride and groom can offer everything from edibles to vaporizer pens, or simply make it an area for guests to BYOW.

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2. Weed-Infused Favors

The most popular types of weed-infused flavors are either edibles or spa products. For the former, don't limit yourself to the traditional brownie, as there are many alternatives! Gaitatzis' said that one of the most creative things she's seen were microdosed garlic-rosemary roasted almonds and cashews. Other options include truffles, cookies and donuts. For spa-related products, Gaitatzis has seen marijuana-infused bath bombs, lip balms and hand creams. She recommends providing an assortment at a table letting guests choose their favorite.

3. Hemp Paper Products

Hemp has a really organic, earthy feel to it, so even if you're not into a full-blown weed wedding, you may like the idea of incorporating this into your big day. Gaitatzis says to consider hemp invitations, dinner menus, wedding programs or even guest books!

4. Wine and Cannabis Pairings

This is a super creative option, and one that would require additional experts and staff. However, wine and cannabis pairings are super cool, and will offer your guests an experience they'll talk about for a long time. It involves “bringing the cannabis smoke extract to sub-zero temperatures,” which is then dispensed into a glass of wine,” explained Gaitatzis. “It enhances the pairing experience since you have to use your nose and mouth at the same time.”

5. Weed Centerpieces

Cannabis is a plant, so it only makes sense to create a centerpiece out of it. Your options are endless with this, but Gaitatzis says that big, dramatic centerpieces that incorporate weed make a major statement. Think “big, billowing flowers with buds dripping - kind of like how grapes would hang from a vine,” she said.

6. Bud-onnieres

If there are weed centerpieces, you can definitely count on weed bud-ounnieres, as well! Gaitatzis predicts we'll be seeing more of these in place of traditional bouts. They're made from the flower and bud of a cannabis plant, and they're surprisingly chic. You can also add other flowers or plants to complement the cannabis.