Etsy's 2018 Wedding Trend Report Is Here, and All Brides Need to See What Made the List

Etsy's 2018 Wedding Trend Report Is Here, and All Brides Need to See What Made the List

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As a sacred space for craft connoisseurs and bargain hunters alike, Etsy has quickly evolved into an absolute must-have for brides planning their weddings. This jack-of-all-trades e-commerce site can satisfy all your nuptial needs, from bridesmaids gifts to table numbers to even engagement rings and wedding dresses themselves. With a growing number of brides turning to Etsy to stock their ceremonies, it only makes sense that the personalized online powerhouse picked up on a few movements within the bridal industry. If you're set to walk down the aisle this year, we broke down the top findings from Etsy's report of The Most Inspiring Wedding Trends of 2018. Check out the what's what of in-demand wedding staples and how you can incorporate them into your own nuptials.


Stacks on Stacks of Rings

Courtesy of Karen Johnson Design

The more rings on the fourth finger of your left hand, the merrier-at least, according to Etsy's findings. Users searched for the term "stacking rings" 68 percent more than last year, and the search generated over 131,000 results on Etsy. Now more than ever, brides are all about switching up their ring finger accessories, mixing and matching new bands to pair with their engagement rings every day. Etsy's report also notes that stacked rings have the potential to double as anniversary gifts year after year. There's nothing like a new accessory to "ring" in another year of marriage, right!?

(Diamond stacking rings, $4,114.34, Karen Johnson Design)

Not Your Average Veils

Courtesy of Olivia the Wolf

Not all brides decide to go the wedding veil route, but Etsy discovered that those who do choose to don this headpiece are ditching the traditional styles. Attention-grabbing, statement veils seem to be dominating the wedding scene, with searches for "dramatic veils" increasing by 213 percent since 2017. Especially perfect for brides with gowns on the simpler side, an eye-catching head accessory can tie the entire bridal look together. Make way for fringe, florals, and embellishments as they amplify the standard white wedding veil.

(Hoxton veil, $319.69, Olivia the Wolf)

All in the Detail

Courtesy of SumarokovaAtelier

It's not just veils that are getting a modern makeover-wedding dresses themselves are also starting to veer from the customary white, simple styles. And, according to Etsy's findings, embroidered embellishments seem to be a gown trend that's sticking. Etsy users who searched "embroidered bridal wear" found 40 percent more products than last year, with hand-stitched embroidered picks ranging from celestial motifs to feminine floral add-ons. Another 2018 trend, bridal jumpsuits, have also seen an increase in pretty decorative adornments.

(Hand embroidered floral wedding dress, $1,849, SumarokovaAtelier)

Capes to the Rescue

Courtesy of Davie and Chiyo

As we've already seen from Bridal Fashion Week and celeb brides like Serena Williams, wedding day cloaks are having a moment. Brides searched "wedding capes" 44 percent more than last year on Etsy. Doubling as a chic accessory and an extra layer for warmth, capes instantly add more flair to any bridal look. Plus, nothing screams "empowered bride" more than a Wonder Woman-esque wedding dress topper.

(Ivory cape wedding dress, starting at $1,470, Davie and Chiyo)

2019 Dress Prediction

Courtesy of Lilac Moon Bridal Wear

Step aside, cold shoulder-statement sleeves might just be the new to-die-for wedding dress trend of the future. While puffed sleeves have dominated the fashion world recently, it's most likely only a matter of time before they divulge into the bridal sphere. And, lucky for you trend-setting brides, Etsy currently offers plenty of picks to keep you ahead of the wedding dress game. Channel vibes of decades past with head-turning, billowy sleeves and shoulder details.

(Lace bridal bolero long sleeve top, $233.38, Lilac Moon Bridal Wear)


Guest "Book" Be Gone

Courtesy of Celadon Home

Newlyweds are thinking outside the book (er, box) when it comes to letting guests leave their marks at the wedding. Standard guest books now seem passГ© compared to more modern alternatives, like having guests gives their best wishes on puzzle pieces or an art print that the couple can savor post-wedding. In fact, Etsy reports a 53 percent increase in "guest book alternative" searches, with more and more sellers rising to the challenge and producing one-of-a-kind pieces couples (AND their guests) will love.

(Wedding guest sign in book, starting at $215, Celadon Home)

Crystal Clear

Courtesy of Paper and Pine Co.

Clear, acrylic wedding details bode well with any style or color palette, while meshing contemporary and minimal styles for a streamlined look. Etsy discovered that "clear acrylic wedding" generated 309 percent more views since 2017, which makes perfect sense considering this decor trend's versatility. From table numbers to place cards to welcome signs, brides have endless opportunities to uniquely incorporate clear acrylics into their big days.

(Gifts and cards sign, starting at $11, Paper and Pine Co.)

Incorporating Furry Friends

Courtesy of Hushed Commotion

As you say "I do" to your best friend, it's a given to also include your other best friend (your pet companion) into your special day. According to Etsy, 8 percent of weddings in 2016 featured appearances of the newlyweds' animal counterparts, and this stat will most likely continue to increase. "Pet wedding" yields more than 30,000 search results on Etsy, so you have more than enough resources to prep your pet for the wedding accordingly. With "Dog of Honor" bandanas and animal cake toppers, your fur baby will fit right in with the wedding festivities.

(Floral "ruff" dog collar, $135, Hushed Commotion)

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Retreat from Rustic

Courtesy of A Day to Remember Studio

Rustic-themed weddings had their fair share of time in the wedding spotlight, so Etsy reports that Southwestern-style ceremonies have come to take their place. With burlap and mason jars put on hold for the time being, Etsy has seen an increase in desert-infused decor. Think subdued greenery (cacti and all), watercolors, and the great outdoors to channel this up-and-coming theme. Etsy discovered a 72 percent increase in views for "southwestern wedding" products, so hurry up and hop on the bandwagon for your own wedding.

(Save the date magnet, starting at $32.64 for 25, A Day to Remember Studio)