Your Mattress Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Your Mattress Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to moving in together as a couple, you're going to want a mattress buying guide. Because one of the first things couples moving in together should be investing in is a new mattress. Unless one of you very recently bought one that is perfectly suited to both of your sleep styles (more on that below), chances are you've probably either bought a mattress as a single person willy-nilly (i.e. finding something easy and inexpensive for a quick fix) or with only yourself in mind.

Since we all spend quite a lot of time in bed, it goes without saying that finding the mattress that will serve both you and your partner's sleep preferences is pretty important. To help us (and you) get to the bottom of how to choose the best mattress for you both (and why it's so pertinent to your new home together) we turned to Arlyn Davich, the president of Allswell, one of our favorite modern mattress companies. Allswell is a mattress in a box that not only offers both a firmer and softer mattress option (more options = optimized sleep success and comfort), but also curated bedding sets with sheets, throw pillows, blankets, and all the "accessories" you need to dress your bed. Two birds, one stone. Here's what Davich had to say about choosing the perfect mattress as a couple.

How to choose a mattress as a couple

In general, the more people (and pets) who will be in a bed, the more support you'll need. Firmer mattresses help prevent motion transfer so couples can sleep more soundly.

If you're a stomach sleeper, choose a firmer mattress; if you're a side sleeper, it's generally recommended to go a little softer. If you and your partner don't sleep in the same position, opt for something a little bit on the firmer side of the middle. In the case of a tie-i.e., argument-go for something a little firmer with a plush topper (which Allswell offers). Someone who's used to sleeping on a softer mattress might not love a firmer one for the first one or two nights, but most get used to it quickly and wind up very happy they switched to a firm mattress-plus, many are surprised at how much better their body feels.

How to get your best sleep as a couple

The biggest debate between couples is about temperature. No one likes to sleep hot. The key to conquering that issue and having your best sleep as a couple? Layers. Just like layering an outfit keeps you comfortable through your day, layering linens will keep you both comfortable at night.

Start with a great all-season sheet (like ours at Allswell, which is cool to the touch and prevents you from sleeping hot), then add a top sheet, blanket or coverlet, duvet, and decorative throw on top. Having lots of options to add or remove layers will ensure that you can stay comfortable as your body and room temperatures change throughout the night.

How to pick out the perfect mattress

First of all: Get one. A new home is a fresh start to your life together, so start fresh in your new space with a new mattress. If you've each been sleeping on your mattress alone, they're probably indented. When choosing your new one, don't pick one you'll be stuck with if it's not what you wanted. So many mattresses-including Allswell's-now have a 100-night free trial (or close). That's a crucial feature: No matter how much you “test a mattress out” in the store, it's not the same as sleeping on it for several months to see how it truly works for you. If you're searching for a mattress to put on your wedding registry (such as MyRegistry, which features Allswell mattresses), make sure the trial period terms are clearly listed.

Last up: the queen-vs-king conundrum. My recommendation is to get a king as long as you can fit it comfortably in the room. A king ensures some extra space for both of you. (And who doesn't need a little space?)

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