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An Illustrated Guide to Game of Thrones ' Best Wedding Dresses

An Illustrated Guide to Game of Thrones ' Best Wedding Dresses

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Game of Thrones weddings may be cursed (ahem, Red Wedding) but there's one thing fans can't deny: the bridal fashion has always been killer (excuse the pun).

As the hit HBO show winds down with just two episodes left, let's take a nostalgic look back at the brides of Westeros-no matter how ill-fated their nuptials-with beautiful illustrations by Nina Kosmyleva and details by Ingle & Rhodes.

Daenerys Targaryen

This stunning light lavender, boho yet medieval-chic gown seems to suit Khaleesi perfectly - even though viewers of the show have only just met her. (She rocked this frock in Season 1, Episode 1 as she wed-albeit without choice-Khal Drogo.) Her long platinum locks and braided crown perfectly complimented the dress, designed by Michele Clapton, the show's costume designer.

Sansa Stark

The first of two weddings for Sansa, the dress she wore for her Season 3 wedding to Tyrion featured extremely detailed embroidery including the pomegranate fruit, a symbol of fertility. Fun fact: The golden color showcased throughout the fabric is the Lannisters' “color.” Ugh.

Margaery Tyrell

In her second wedding, Margaery Tyrell wed King Joffrey in season 4. In a show-stopping gown made of a linen silk mix with woven leaves and hand rolled and stitched roses, the gown took between five to six weeks to complete. It was reportedly created on the concept of the briar rose, which is the Tyrell's signet and was also present in her crown. Margaery looked simply stunning-it's too bad she was marrying someone so vile.

Margaery Tyrell (again… )

Now marrying Tommen, yep, Joffrey's little brother, in Season 5 (much to Cersei's dismay) her bridal vibe is switched up completely. With darker, richer colors, this A-line dress features bronze and brown embroidery with a fitted bodice and bustling skirt, giving off a regal feel, versus the more ethereal feel of her first gown. Ironically, she sported the same crown here as when she married Joffrey.

Sansa Stark (again… )

Perhaps the worst wedding of them all (aside from the Red wedding… I guess) was when Sansa married Ramsay. Her face says it all, and the fitted gown topped with feather collar, reminiscent of the feathered cloaks her brothers wear, were certainly lacking a celebratory feel. In fact, according to the research by Ingle & Rhode, the shape was designed by Michele Clapton to look similar to the crypt statues in Winterfell.

Lyanna Stark

In this Season 7 flashback, fans finally got to see the secret wedding between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. For their private union, set amongst lush greenery and a lake, Lyanna sports a pale and pleated seafoam green/grey gown featuring a bold crisscross body chain accessory. The lovebirds went on to conceive Jon, which was one of Season 7's biggest reveals by Bran and Samwell, thus spurring the saga of Season 8.

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