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This Is How Often You Should Cut Your Hair During Your Engagement

This Is How Often You Should Cut Your Hair During Your Engagement

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Whether you're dreaming of a long wedding hairstyle that would make Rapunzel jealous or a sharp and modern short cut, there's one thing both styles have in common: regular haircuts. Skipping a trim could result in frazzled and fraying hair-the opposite of that perfect wedding hairstyle you're after. But how often should you cut your hair to maintain its health and shape? Brides spoke with Ashley Branda, owner of TWO01 Hair in Hoboken, NJ, for her expert advice. According to Branda, this is how often you should cut your hair…

"I tell my clients every 11 to 13 weeks depending on how you take care of your hair," she says, noting that the exact timeline is a little different for everyone. For those who heat treat their hair with blowdryers, curling irons, and flat irons on the regular should aim for closer to 11 weeks for optimal hair health.

And yes, this applies to all desired styles.

"Brides that are trying to grow out their hair for the big day should still get trims and dustings on the same schedule," Branda says. "I promise you this schedule will leave you with long, beautiful, healthy hair." Keep in mind that haircuts don't always mean losing length. Branda notes that she always adds texture within the haircut to give shape without removing very much length at all.

As for your final cut before the wedding, timing is everything.

"I book my brides a week and a half before the date for color and cut," says Branda. "I love when the hair is fresh, but has been lived in as well," as she says it gives a more natural look to the hair. Be sure to schedule this final cut in advance, though. All brides-to-be know how hectic those last few weeks can be! In fact, you might even want to book your final appointment first, and then book backwards for the weeks and months leading up to your wedding.

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Above all, Branda stresses that, "Haircuts are not scary!" Everyone should be cleaning their hair up every three months. "Long hair is beautiful when it is healthy. Long hair that has dry brittle ends is not appealing." And even worse, dry, brittle, and broken ends will travel up the hair shaft leading to breakage and undesirable texture.

As Branda insists, "Stay on top of your haircut schedule and you won't have to do a big chop too close to the big day." Easy enough!


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