Man Puts All Adventure Couples to Shame With Epic Proposal in Front of Tornado

Man Puts All Adventure Couples to Shame With Epic Proposal in Front of Tornado

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Adventurous couples, listen up. This guy just set the standard by proposing in front of a tornado.

Joey Krastel, a storm chaser and meteorologist, found the perfect moment to ask his boyfriend Chris Scott the question, and it just happened to be while chasing a storm in Kansas earlier this week. Casual.

“The 2 loves of my life,” Krastel captioned a photo on Twitter of him down on one knee with a storm looming in the distance. The post now has over 13,000 likes.

The couple were engaged during a trip taken with friends to see the tornado that was touching down in Kansas on Tuesday. According to NBC News, the couple started their tornado watch in Salina, Kansas, and followed the storm to Tipton, where Krastel proposed.

“It all just kind of came together and happened so quickly,” Krastel said. “I was like 'OK, this is it.'”

Based on the tearful looks on both of their faces it's unclear if the couple was emotional because they are now engaged or because disaster was twisting toward them. Krastel even said the tornado was much closer to the couple than the picture made it seem. And it moved closer after he got down on one knee.

“I called to my friends to get back in the car,” Krastel said. “I was just so emotional just because it was my happiest place, being with him next to the storms.”

Signing up for a lifetime of storm chasing might not sound ideal for some, but tornados are actually what brought Krastel and Scott together.

Scott, like Krastel, has been interested in storms since he was kid, and when he followed Krastel on Instagram, where he posts all of his chases, Scott had to find out more.

“Hey, do you actually chase tornadoes?” Krastel recalled Scott asking in his DMs.

“That's why it was always in the back of my mind to get engaged during storm chasing,” Krastel said. “I felt like it would be this perfect way to seal the deal.”

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Consider it sealed. The couple is now celebrating the only way they know how: Chasing more storms. Krastel told NBC News they were headed to Oklahoma and Texas next.


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