The 5 Types of Bridesmaids You'll Find at Every Wedding

The 5 Types of Bridesmaids You'll Find at Every Wedding

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Being part of the bride's main squad can be a whole lot of fun. Chances are you'll get to engage in lots of pre-wedding celebrations, which usually means lots of pre-wedding champagne. Plus, you'll get to be there for the bride long before she takes her first steps down the aisle, helping her with important decisions along the way. But one of the biggest challenges you may face as a member of the bridal party is handling the different personalities of all the other bridesmaids.

No matter how many weddings you've been to or how many times you've been part of the wedding party, you can start to notice that there are a few types of bridesmaids you'll find at every single wedding celebration. From the single and ready to mingle bridesmaid, to the one who always seems to be running late, here are the five types of bridesmaids you'll find at every wedding.

1. The Single & So Ready to Mingle Bridesmaid

After your bridal party has been selected, you might get a phone call or text from the single bridesmaid who is looking to get matched up with any eligible bachelors that will be attending the wedding. She'll be the one meeting and greeting the guests, reaching high-up in the sky for the bouquet, and hopefully leaving the wedding with a few potential first dates lined up.

2. The Type-A Wedding Planner Bridesmaid

Having a member of your bridal party who is on top of all your wedding details can be a dream come true. But you might run into some issues with the type-A wedding planner bridesmaid, who is starting to order your day-of coordinator around and give you lots of unwarranted wedding advice along the way. Feed into this bridesmaid's strengths by giving her a list of tasks to own and take care of for you. (More on that here.)

3. The Always Running Late Bridesmaid

One of the most common reasons brides feel a wave of stress on their wedding day is when things start to fall off the schedule. The ceremony was set for 3pm, and it's not 4pm and some of the bridesmaids are missing, lost, or not ready yet. Even if the majority of your bridal party sticks to the schedule, there's always one bridesmaid who shows up late or arrives at the ceremony late, even if you told them the right time to be there, months ago.

4. The Tequila Sunrise Bridesmaid

It's always a lot of fun getting ready for a wedding and having your hair and make-up done by seasoned professionals. The morning is usually filled with a fun playlist, delicious breakfast food, and of course, mimosas. You can count on the Tequila Sunrise bridesmaid to get the party started early on, offering shots to the members of the bridal party, long before it's time to walk down the aisle.

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5. The Always a Bridesmaid Bridesmaid

Having someone who has been a bridesmaid, a handful of times or more, in the bridal squad comes with some serious benefits. You can count on this person to answer any and all wedding questions, let you know what you should be taking care of as a bridesmaid, and also how far along in advance you should order your bridesmaid dress, so that it shows up long before the wedding day. This person will usually serve as the unofficial co-maid of honor, keeping everyone on time, in check, and in a non-stressed out pre-wedding mood.


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