7 Tweets That Sum Up the Drama of Being a Bridesmaid

7 Tweets That Sum Up the Drama of Being a Bridesmaid

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Being a bridesmaid will, at first, feel like a super exciting honor. Even if you've been a bridesmaid practically a dozen times, it will still be lovely to have someone in your life ask you to stand by their side on this momentous day.

At first, being a bridesmaid will feel like a ton of fun. You'll daydream about what kind of dress you'll get to wear and what cool style you'll do your hair in. You might even spend time figuring out a fun wedding hashtag for the bride or researching the best places to vacation for a weekend getaway bachelorette party. But after some time, you'll notice that your to-do list is pilling up and the amount of money you're spending is starting to make a large hole in your checking account.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a bridesmaid, check out these seven tweets that perfectly sum up the drama of being one of the members of the bride's wedding squad.

1. Figuring Out How to Feel Good in a Bridesmaid Dress

One of the biggest headaches of being a bridesmaid comes in the form of having to wear a bridesmaid dress that seemingly looks good on nobody except the woman who modeled it on the brand's website. When you're faced with how to look good and feel confident in a dress style and color that you didn't pick out, you'll find yourself reaching for every fashion trick possible, including special undergarments.

2. Finding Yourself Unexpectedly Upset That You Weren't Asked to Be the Maid of Honor

Being a bridesmaid can feel a bit awkward, especially if you thought the bride would have tapped you to be her MOH. While you might feel like just being another member of her wedding party isn't as good an honor, just look at all of the tasks someone else gets to do while you get to sit back, semi-relax, and enjoy more of the wedding.

3. Wondering Why You Have So Many Responsibilities

When you start to eyeball all of the tasks you have to accomplish as a bridesmaid, you might begin to wonder why you're in charge of things like taking the bride to get her nails done before the wedding or being the point person for the wedding-day transportation. Being a bridesmaid will quickly start to feel like a full time job that hasn't given you the raise or promotion you desperately deserve.

4. Realizing Being a Bridesmaid is So Much Money

If you're finding yourself slowly becoming “always the bridesmaid” make sure that you set a firm budget for how much cash you will spend on each of the weddings you'll be in. If not, you might not realize that you're spending over $1,000 on items like clothing, travel, and gifts, that seem to drain your wallet faster than you ever imagined they would.

5. Going Bridezilla Even When You're Not the Bride

There's a lot of pressure on a person who's a bridesmaid. You'll be responsible to be there for the bride and be there on time. So if you're traveling for the wedding or you find out that your dress won't be altered in time, you might notice a bit of a bridezilla attitude come out to play.

6. Looking Like a Clown with Your Bridesmaid Style

If you find yourself as a bridesmaid for a bride that wants every single one of her bridesmaids to look alike, from their hair to their toenail polish, you might find yourself ending the wedding night with a ridiculous hairstyle or a face of makeup that makes you look more like a clown than a bridesmaid in a wedding.

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7. Realizing Being a Bridesmaid Keeps You On Your Toes

Being a bridesmaid is one of the most interesting, and at times, stressful jobs that you will ever take on as a friend for someone. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the process, take a step back and realize that it will eventually come to an end at the wedding reception, where there will be an open bar, a plate of good food, and a whole lot of wedding cake to celebrate with.


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