6 Awesome Places Where You Can Sleep Under the Stars

6 Awesome Places Where You Can Sleep Under the Stars

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What's more romantic than a night of stargazing with your sweetheart? The promise of eye-popping panormas, plus sophisticated and stylish accommodations. Sure beats a sleeping bag, huh?

We've gathered six glorious options that put travelers closer to the majesty of the cosmos. Let's just say dreamy is an understatement.

Courtesy of Marcus Westberg

Nkwichi Lodge | Malawi, Africa

Set on the shores of Lake Malawi, Nkwichi Lodge is a scenic oasis that remains remarkably low key. Couples can book an evening on a secluded beach, surrounded by pristine sands and baobabs. After sunset cocktails and a delicious dinner, lovebirds have ample time to admire the stunning sky. In the morning, breakfast is served seaside.

Courtesy of Karydes

Attrap'RГЄves | Allauch, France

Want a front-row seat to the beauty of nature without sacrificing contemporary comforts or dealing with creepy-crawlies? Guests at Attrap'RГЄves cozy up in climate-controlled, soundproof bubbles made of recyclable materials. Located in a verdant forest, the fishbowl-style digs also boast queen-size beds, 360-degree views, showers, toilets, and telescopes for stargazing.

Courtesy of Dook

Lion Sands | South Africa, Africa

There's something so seductive about a safari. After a day of walking on the wild side, where better to unwind than in one of the Chalkley Treehouses (AKA the ultimate bush boudoirs) at Lion Sands? Soak in the splendor of the South African landscape at dusk, let the sounds of hippos honking lull you to sleep, and snooze underneath the Milky Way.

Courtesy of Maria RГЈo Photography

Desert Luxury Camp | Merzouga, Morocco

Desert Luxury Camp in Merzouga takes glamping to the next level. Spacious tents flaunt handmade Moroccan rugs, wooden furnishings, and ensuite bathrooms. In the summer, the slumber setup moves outdoors. Windswept dunes and deep blue skies stretch as far as the eye can see. And the only lights are the infinite number of twinkling stars.

Courtesy of Null Stern

Null Stern | Gönten, Switzerland

Designed by Swiss conceptual artists and situated on the Göbsi summit in Gönten, Null Stern is a former nuclear bunker turned open-air hotel room-sans walls, roof, television, or WiFi. Basically, it's tailor-made for staring at celestial bodies all night long. To satisfy your taste for the finer things? A personal butler will attend to your every need.

Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort | San JosГ© del Cabo, Mexico

San JosГ© del Cabo certainly isn't lacking in upscale accommodations (or wedding venues). Though few compare to Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort. Looking to fire up the romance? Reserve one of the honeymoon-worthy rooftop suites. Sip tequila, savor gourmet treats, and drift off to dreamland in a four-poster bed under the cosmos.