Cardi B's Baby Registry Reportedly Includes a $3,600 Gold-Encrusted Bassinet

Cardi B's Baby Registry Reportedly Includes a $3,600 Gold-Encrusted Bassinet

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Just like many new mamas-to-be, Cardi B is working on completing her registry for all of her baby must-haves as she prepares to give birth to a daughter with Offset next month. But unlike other expectant mothers, Cardi B's registry reportedly includes items that go beyond baby necessities and enter over-the-top territory.

According to TMZ, Cardi B's registry includes several lavish items-with the biggest-ticket item being a bassinet encrusted in gold leaf that rings in at a casual $3,638. A close runner-up, though, is a miniature, battery-powered Bentley Bentayga, which may have a smaller price tag (a steal at just $700!), but also has practically zero function for a newborn.

Cardi B also reportedly considered throwing on some treats for herself, she revealed on Twitter. "Doing my registry, but I wanna add gifts for myself," she tweeted on June 21. "My baby think I need this Gucci dress."

The Gucci dress didn't end up joining the golden bassinet and luxury car on Cardi's registry. But even more surprising than including such items on a baby registry is the fact that people actually purchased them for the parents-to-be, TMZ reports. Cardi B celebrated her baby shower over the weekend in Atlanta (after having to cancel her New York shower due to doctor's orders), where she apparently received everything she asked for.

Another shocker? TMZ also reported today that Cardi B and her love, Offset, are apparently already married. Although the couple has publicly teased their upcoming wedding, they reportedly have already legally tied the knot, according to a marriage certificate uncovered by the gossip site. Filed on September 20, 2017, the license indicates that the couple wed in a secret ceremony at Fulton County city hall in Georgia.

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