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How Can I Incorporate My Mother's Wedding Dress Into My Wedding?

How Can I Incorporate My Mother's Wedding Dress Into My Wedding?

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Many brides decide to incorporate their mother's wedding dress into their own outfit for their wedding day, and it's a nice way to bring some family tradition into your celebration.

Wanting to honor your mother by incorporating her gown into your wedding is such a lovely gesture. But not every dress will stand the test of time - fabrics yellow, styles change, and just because you're related doesn't necessarily mean you have the same body type or are the same size. So if you're not able to wear her gown as-is at your wedding, here are some other ways to incorporate the dress into your nuptials.

Repurpose it into a rehearsal dinner or reception dress

Depending on the condition or the fit of the dress, this can be as simple as shortening the length. If it requires more work, a skilled seamstress will be able to transform the gown into the perfect party dress for your rehearsal dinner or reception.

Use is as a flower girl dress

Your flower girl is the one guest that you'll let wear white on your big day, so it gives you a great opportunity to use your mother's gown. It'll definitely be a smaller size, so you can pick and choose your favorite details. So adorable and unexpected.

Wrap it around your bouquet

You'll need something to keep those gorgeous flowers together anyway, so why not utilize something that is meaningful? You can wrap swatches of lace or fabric from your mother's dress around the handle of your bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets.

Incorporate it into your veil

Especially if your mother's dress features lace, your veil will be that much more special with a touch of a family dress.

Use it as a chuppah or backdrop

If the fabric is simple and still in good condition, it could be incorporated into your altar decor.

Make it a clutch

Find a designer (maybe on Etsy?) who can turn the fabric into a pretty clutch to hold everything you need during the reception.

Turn it into small details

Fabric can easily be turned into textile rosettes, which you can incorporate into your wedding-day look by gluing them to a hair comb to wear in your up-do or affixing a few to silk ribbon to wear as a sash.

Create handkerchiefs for you and your mother

If using her dress on your big day wasn't touching enough, bring on the waterworks. Your mom will love this meaningful gift for your wedding day, and you'll both find that they come in handy.