Glenn Weiss and His New FiancГ©e Discuss That Epic Emmys Proposal

Glenn Weiss and His New FiancГ©e Discuss That Epic Emmys Proposal

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In one of the most joyful awards show moments in recent memory, director Glenn Weiss-who netted an Emmy win in the Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special category-decided to forgo a classic thank-you speech in favor of, well, proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Jan Svendsen. Overjoyed, she said yes in front of everyone, and the crowd went nuts. Leave it to a seasoned director to create the most memorable moment of the evening!

The couple, who are still in the honeymoon stage of their proposal, swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night to recap their incredible 24 hours. (While wearing robes and drinking Champagne, of course.) And as gutsy as Weiss admits the proposal was-yeah, it could've spurred a very public rejection-he wasn't too worried about Svendsen turning him down, because there was something else entirely on his mind that kept him more preoccupied: the orchestra playing him off mid-proposal.

“I was actually really worried about that, having been in the seat and knowing how those shows function," he explained. "So, I really kind of ran through what I wanted to say in my head and then as the night was going on, and I saw how much time-I kept editing and filtering and just hoping it wouldn't go too long, because I didn't want that to happen.” Svendsen reiterated that she'd had no idea about the coming proposal, which Weiss said he began to plan after the death of his mother, earlier this month. “It's been a rough couple of weeks, and I think maybe I got a little more perspective on life, and it just became clear about a week or two ago that I wanted to do something, at some point coming," Weiss said. “I didn't think it would happen this quickly, but an opportunity arose.”

As Weiss told reporters immediately after the proposal, he didn't have a back-up plan in the event that Svendsen turned him down (or if he didn't win). “Our life is a plan A!” he proudly joked. Congrats you two!

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