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10 Metallic Manicures for the Modern Winter Bride

10 Metallic Manicures for the Modern Winter Bride

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but your mani is so delightful. And since you've got an important place to go (um, your wedding!), let it snow, let it shimmer, let it shine with a metallic nail polish fit for winter weddings.

Whimsical article intros aside, getting married in the winter is truly magical. The ground, gracefully cloaked in newly-fallen flakes, sets the scene for stunning nuptials (and photographs). Bold bouquets, warm bridal cover-ups, and hot cocoa bars enhance the cozy, romantic ambiance. Shouldn't your mani match? We think so.

That's why we've pulled together 10 seriously stunning ideas to inspire your big-day digits-all with a modern, metallic flair.

These ultra-cool manis-a wintery mix of glitter, foil, clean lines, negative space, and more mesmerizing details-are perfect for your contemporary cold-weather nuptials.

A veil of subtle shimmer adds wintery whimsy to cloudlike dove-gray polish.

Nude nails are a time-honored bridal tradition. A matte finish and metallic striped accents feel super fresh and modern.

Can't decide between stripes, dots, and microfine glitter? Try 'em all! It is your wedding day, after all.

What do you get when you marry almond-shape nails, a naked half moon, and silver oil-spill foil? Alchemic allure.

The chromatic top coat creates a frosted, almost holographic effect that's out of this world.

Negative space nails are quickly becoming a contemporary classic. Swapping your go-to polish for a metallic hue really makes the design pop.

Sleek, silver lines give these talons a touch of geometric edge.

Forget “roses are red.” When it comes to these wedding-ready nails, roses are chrome.

Snowflake motifs for winter are nothing new. But these digits do it differently. The combination of navy and glittering silver is gorgeous, and we love how subtle the flake detailing is.

We're saying “I do” to these swoon-worthy tips. The icy-blue base and free-form metallic flourishes would be sublime for a seaside ceremony.


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