The Bachelor's Ashley Spivey Is Married! And Her North Carolina Wedding Was Just Stunning

The Bachelor's Ashley Spivey Is Married! And Her North Carolina Wedding Was Just Stunning

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Former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey married her fiancГ©, Steven Hunsberger on Saturday, May 14 and no, the beautiful bride did not carry a bouquet of red roses down the aisle. But who needs a rose from Brad Womack (Spivey appeared on season 15 of the series with the Bachelor bar owner), when you've got a love like this? Spivey and her new hubby looked simply head over heels at their North Carolina nuptials, and we couldn't be happier for this perfect pair.

"Marrying this babe today!" Spivey wrote on social media on the big day, for which she wore a simple and sleek mermaid-cut wedding dress. Meanwhile, Hunsberger donned a light grey suit for their walk down the aisle at Wilmington, North Carolina's Airlie Gardens. And it was a true garden party with boutonnieres of bay leaf and clean white ranunculus, an alfresco dance floor surrounded by greenery and bathed in sunlight, and fresh signature cocktails (named after the bride and groom, natch).

There was one slight nod to Spivey's Bachelor days, however. The newlyweds had a photo stand-in set up on the lawn for some wedding reception fun, featuring cut-outs of the bride and groom. Hunsberger had his favorite beverage in hand, while the bride toted a single red rose. Too perfect!

Best of all? The couple, who met in a bar back in 2011 soon after Spivey's reality show stint, shared their love story on their wedding website. "Once upon a time, Ashley decided to go on a reality show that most men don't watch," they began. "Luckily for her, Steve loved watching The Bachelor and he decided that Ashley was his favorite and she definitely shouldn't have been sent home on that two-on-one date. A couple of months later, Steve saw Ashley at Brother Jimmy's and he decided to buy her a shot." And the rest, as they say, is history!

And as far as the guest list was concerned, it doesn't look like Spivey's good old Bachelor beau Brad showed up. Although he did RSVP… In the form of a sneaky someone making a pretty hilarious joke, that is!

Check out the photos from her stunning nuptials below.


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