This Bride's Father-Daughter Dance Photo Shoot Will Move You to Tears

This Bride's Father-Daughter Dance Photo Shoot Will Move You to Tears

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The father-daughter dance is emotional for everyone involved: Fathers can feel bittersweet about their little girls growing up, brides visualize beloved childhood memories, and guests tear up at the sight of this special moment play out before their eyes. But, Becky Carey, a bride-to-be who discovered her father was going into hospice after battling cancer, made an already emotional wedding tradition even more heartfelt.

For over a year, Carey had been going back and forth with her photographer, Bonnie Turner, about scheduling an engagement photo session with her fiancГ©. But wedding planning became even more difficult for Becky to tackle when she heard the devastating news about her father. So, instead of finding someone to replace the first man in her life for the father-daughter dance, she emailed Turner a request the photographer couldn't refuse, PopSugar reports.

Read Carey's email request to Turner below:

"Hi there,

So I know you probably think I am the biggest photo session flake in the whole world, I'm so sorry for being all over the place with our requests changing. Yet, I have a huge ask, to see if it is possible. I had to write this in email because I couldn't keep it together to talk on the phone.

My dad has been fighting prostate cancer and his body is now at the point where it can't handle more treatment. We found out yesterday that he starts hospice this week. We'd really love to use the deposit Matt gave you to do a family photo session. Matt and I will worry about our photos later, because this is more pressing with time. We haven't had professional family photos taken since my brother and I were little, and this would mean so much to us. Of course this is a very difficult and dark time, but I know how you feel about love and capturing it so beautifully and meaningfully.

This weekend (on Sunday) a good friend of mine who does videography is doing a really special favor for me - My dad and I are getting dressed up to film our first dance so that I can have it at my wedding. Dad is getting weaker by the day and unfortunately we have to do this as soon as possible. I wanted to see if you were able and willing to come and take photos at my parent's house in Woodbridge on this really last minute request. We are throwing this plan together really fast because we don't know how long we have before he won't be able to.

I know this is a huge ask and no worries if you can't do it. It's not an ideal location, but I know you can make anything look gorgeous. (Except maybe not my ugly crying that I will try to get out beforehand.)

Please let me know your thoughts. You can email or text me. I just didn't want to send a 4 page text!

Thanks girl, talk to you soon. Xo."

Of course the wedding photographer agreed to take the photos and they came out as beautiful as Becky envisioned them. When the bride's dad passed, Turner shared the email on Facebook with the caption: "My heart is heavy today. He fought so hard for a very long time."

Most emotional of all, Turner included the father-daughter dance photos taken at Becky's childhood home. "She knew he possibly wouldn't make it to walk her down the aisle or share that dance on her wedding day," Bonnie said. "So she took it upon herself to scratch those engagement photos for awhile and share that father-daughter moment in the backyard where she grew up."

Weddings only last one night. But thanks to this bride's last wish with her dad, these pictures will last a lifetime.

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

Photography by Bonnie Turner

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