Jason Momoa Channels 'Aquaman' to Crash Couple's Wedding Photo

Jason Momoa Channels 'Aquaman' to Crash Couple's Wedding Photo

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Jason Momoa doesn't just make a great 'Aquaman'-he also does a pretty great job of crashing wedding photos. One couple got to experience this first hand when the actor, 39, channeled his DC action hero to give them an unforgettable wedding shot.

On Thursday, bride Katie Meyers was posing with her husband after their beachside wedding ceremony in Momoa's home state of Hawaii when a surprise guest accompanied them for the special shots.

"We were taking our wedding photos after the ceremony out on the rocks and Jason Momoa and some of his family and some friends just all walked out on the beach," Meyers told E! News in an interview. "They were shouting congratulations to us and they were super calm and super chill."

The couple wanted to stay calm and collected in front of the actor, but the couple's photographer couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a shot with the movie star.

"It was totally unplanned and spontaneous!" said Carina Cooper, the couple's wedding planner. "He happily agreed to photobomb them! There just happened to be a kid on the beach nearby with that trident (in the pic) and Jason asked to borrow it. So he took the trident and went behind the couple in their picture and pretended to be a sasquatch."

According to the bride, Momoa was equally excited to join in on the festivities. The Game of Thrones actor apparently asked the couple if he could get in a shot, to which they responded, "Absolutely!"

"I was like, 'You have creative freedom,' and he did his own thing in the photos. We had no idea what it was going to look after but it was hilarious," Katie said.

The bride added that Momoa's family and friends, who were also at the shoot, were "positive and loving and gracious and they were just really lovely human beings."

Cooper added that Momoa "took pictures with all the kids and all the people on the beach, he was very nice about it, he was very humble."

"It was a really special experience," the bride added.

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