Marc Jacobs Proposed in a Chipotle and We Need to Know If Guac Was Still Extra

Marc Jacobs Proposed in a Chipotle and We Need to Know If Guac Was Still Extra

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This is one newly engaged couple who probably has their wedding caterer already locked in. Iconic fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Charly DeFrancesco are officially engaged, after Jacobs dropped to one knee and proposed at-wait for it-Chipotle. Millennials, Marc Jacobs sees your avocado proposals and raises you guac.

Featuring a flash mob, the proposal was as groundbreaking as the news that Chipotle was releasing queso. In a video posted by Marc Jacobs to his Instagram, the fashion designer and his love are seen watching a group of dancers break it down at a Chipotle restaurant in a flash mob. After a choreographed series of twirls and turns set to Prince's "Kiss," the dancers completed their routine and broke into applause. But, for DeFrancesco (who presumably from his viewpoint was just there for a burrito with all the trimmings), the flash mob wasn't the only surprise of the night.

When the dance break was over, Jacobs suddenly dropped to one knee in front of DeFrancesco and popped the question. Then, onlookers really burst into cheers as DeFrancesco accepted and the two embraced. "Okay, okay, go get Chipotle!" someone from the crowd yelled, following the epic moment. (Because, really, can you think of a better follow-up to a proposal than some cilantro lime rice?) The two new fiancГ©s then settled down at a table for dinner, and the rest is history.

"And this happened… ," Jacobs captioned the video of the proposal on the 'Gram. "'Charly Defrancesco will you marry me?' #flashmobatchipotle #moves THANK YOU everyone for making this happen video," he wrote. "And to my Ride or Die fiancé @chardefrancesco I LOVE YOU❤️"

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As we said earlier, we're thinking it's safe to assume that Chipotle will definitely be served at this couple's wedding. And between that and the sure-to-be striking suits these fashion-savvy grooms will probably be wearing, this is one wedding we don't want to miss!