21 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas for All Couples

21 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas for All Couples

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Form A Quilt

Photo by Michael Radford Photography

In the ultimate crafty guest book approach, square pieces of fabric were laid out on an old-fashioned sewing table. The bride and groom then compiled the personalized swatches to form a quilt.

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Make A Modern Calendar

Courtesy of Scribbled Co.

We can safely assume you've never laid eyes on a calendar guest book before. Modern couples, take this one and roll with it.

SHOP NOW: Scribbled Co., $39.95

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Sign A Globe

Courtesy of Frances Bowtique

Globe-trotting couples, we have your alternative wedding guest book covered. Let your nearest and dearest make their marks on your own little world.

SHOP NOW: Frances Bowtique, $140

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Take A Polaroid Selfie

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Ditch the guest note route completely; instead, encourage wedding attendees to cozy up for the camera and leave their marks with a Polaroid selfie. Set up a station just for the task, and prepare for an overload of hilarious selfies.

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Write It In The Stars

Courtesy of Hanging Monkey Arts

Take "written in the stars" to a literal sense, allowing friends and family to pen sweet notes around a constellation map from any date and location of your choosing.

SHOP NOW: Hanging Monkey Arts, starting at $33.73

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Commemorate With Wine Corks

Courtesy of Desert Coastal Studio

Commemorate your vineyard or vino-themed nuptials with a little cork action, fittingly framed into a heart shape.

SHOP NOW: Desert Coastal Studios, starting at $69.99

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Fill A Shadow Box

Photo by Dasha Crawford Photography

Wedding guests were able to slip heart-shaped notes in a personalized shadow box, frame and all, which the couple displayed on an easel with greenery.

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Give A Piece Of Your Heart

Courtesy of Celadon Home

Speaking of hearts, have wedding guests lend a piece of their own… in paper form, that is. You can even customize the snippets with lyrics to your first dance song.

SHOP NOW: Celadon Home, starting at $215

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Build A Frame

Courtesy of Ginger Ray

A built-in frame makes preserving your wedding day memories as easy as possible. Just leave it to your guests to add their own decorative spins.

SHOP NOW: Target, $29.99

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Personalize A Jenga Set

Courtesy of Ginger Ray

With alternative guest book ideas, anything goes-including a personalized Jenga set. Game nights with your spouse will be all the more sentimental.

SHOP NOW: Target, $29.99

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Ask For Travel Recommendations

Erin McGinn Photography

As another option for jet-setting duos, invest in a vintage globe. Your guests can even pinpoint future travel recommendations with their well wishes.

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Mark A Map

Dylan & Sara Photography

Pay homage to your wedding venue's locale or the city where you met your partner. A modern map of said spot makes for a post-wedding memento that won't get tossed in storage, and guests can leave their mark on the margins.

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Sign A Record

Anastasiia Photography

March to the beat of your own, er, record with this creative guest book idea. Music enthusiasts will cherish this keepsake for years to come.

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Stay Simple With Acrylic

Courtesy of Z Create Design

Acrylic blends in with any wedding style, so you're in good hands with a simple slate for guests to sign.

SHOP NOW: Z Create Design, starting at $34

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Paint A Sign By Hand

Courtesy of Mulberry Market Design

Keep it simple with a monogrammed, hand-painted sign that totally screams "chic rustic wedding."

SHOP NOW: Mulberry Market Design, starting at $49.99

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Show Off Your State

Courtesy of Z Create Design

Give any state of your choosing some love in the form of a wooden guest book sign.

SHOP NOW: Z Create Design, starting at $38

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Ask For Adventure Ideas

Photo by Amy & Jordan

Or, replacing congratulatory messages altogether, promote "adventure ideas." These real-life newlyweds encouraged their nearest and dearest to brainstorm bucket list objectives to complete throughout their marriage.

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Leave Notes On Postcards

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

This couple allowed guests to leave notes on postcards, featuring three locales the pair wanted to add to their travel list. Friends and family could also deposit their handwritten sentiments into a white mailbox.

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Decorate A Box

Courtesy of Your Wedding Boutique

Instead of compiling notes in a book, designate a decorative box as the storage method of choice.

SHOP NOW: Your Wedding Boutique, starting at $65.48

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Leave A Message In A Bottle

Photo by Sarah Carpenter Photography, Planning and Design by Callista & Company

Give message in a bottle new meaning-with this guest book alternative, friends and family dropped notes into these pretty containers for the couple to read during their upcoming anniversaries.

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Go Eco-Friendly

Courtesy of Woodlack

Sourced from eco-friendly materials, this 3D guest book will earn you major Mother Nature and post-wedding home decor brownie points.

SHOP NOW: Woodlack, starting at $75


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