Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

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As you budget for your wedding, things can get complicated, especially if multiple parties (parents, grandparents, the bride and groom) are helping to foot the bill. One question in particular: who pays for the honeymoon? It's easy to get lost in planning the where and when, but first things first. You need to find out who's writing the check. Our experts have a few different options for who will be handing over their credit card for your honeymoon expenses.

The Parents

One set of parents, or both, may offer to step to give the couple their honeymoon. That might come in the form of a check that the couple can use to plan their own trip, or it might be a trip that the parents arranged. And, in some cases, the honeymoon might be a complete surprise where the couple has no idea where they're headed until they open an envelope and find tickets inside (let's hope they've packed correctly!).

The Couple

Couples can also pay for the honeymoon themselves. Or, perhaps one of you will cover the expenses for the entire honeymoon while the other is responsible for another aspect of the wedding. It's up to each individual couple and their financial situation to find a solution that works for them. There are no wrong options!

Even if you have limited funds, you two can find ways to save on your honeymoon and get the most bang for your buck. Even if it's a quiet trip up the coast or a campground adventure, you'll be together and married-and that will make it magical.

Everyone Contributes Via a Honeymoon Registry

If a couple has arranged a honeymoon registry instead of, or in addition to, a traditional wedding registry, the answer to who pays for the honeymoon is actually the guests! A honeymoon registry allows guests to pay for activities, meals, or excursions the couple can enjoy during the honeymoon, or help fund flights or hotel stays. It's an ideal option for a couple who don't necessarily need housewares or other traditional wedding gifts. There are honeymoon registry websites that make it super simple and easy to set up the fund, including Honeyfund, Zola, Traveler's Joy, and others.

Use the Cash and Checks You Receive as Wedding Gifts

Another option is to pool all the money you received as wedding gifts (which can really add up!) and use that to fund your honeymoon. As more and more couples opt to take their honeymoon a few months or even a year after the wedding, using monetary gifts from guests to cover honeymoon costs is a great way to know exactly how much money the couple has to work with, as well as to ease the strain on their savings account after the wedding has come and gone. Plus, that way, you can wait until after the wedding (and wedding planning) to start honeymoon planning!

Surprise Benefactor

When it comes to who pays for the honeymoon, there really can be no wrong answer. You grandparents, great grandparents, extended family members, or even close friends might surprise you with the trip of a lifetime. It's an incredibly generous gift that you'll be forever grateful for. Ideally, they'll gift it to you early on in the wedding and honeymoon planning process so you'll know what you're working with! Perhaps the honeymoon budget you started can then be allocated elsewhere!

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