Wedding Chair Covers That Aren't At All Cheesy-We Promise!

Wedding Chair Covers That Aren't At All Cheesy-We Promise!

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Linen Chair Covers

Jose Villa

These simple yet elegant chair covers are draped over Chiavari chairs; they feature subtle button details behind the cushion. The soft, taupe hue adds warmth to an otherwise all-white reception tablescape.

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Full-Length Lace Chair Covers

Erich McVey

Chiavari chairs are a popular reception-chair choice but you can make yours stand out by adding these pretty, lace slipcovers. The floral pattern and sheer, gauzy fabric will help give your open-air reception a romantic and ethereal feel.

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Floor-Length Chiavari Chair Covers

Kurt Boomer

These long, scarf-like chair covers are woven through the chair rungs and cascade down to the floor. The creamy-white chair embellishments balance the dark color of the chairs and add softness to the overall reception look.

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Lace Slipcovers

Melissa Schollaert Photography

How sweet are these dainty, lacy chair covers? They slip right over the tops of the reception chairs and add the perfect amount of charm and romance to your tablescape.

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Mid-Length Lace Chair Covers

Diaz and Diaz

Perhaps your venue provides complimentary chairs but you don't particularly like how the chair-back looks. You can easily cover them up with these elegant mid-length chair slips; this neutral, rosy-taupe color would complement a wide array of wedding palettes.

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Embroidered Chair Covers

Clark + Walker Studio

This couple's wedding reception featured custom-made embroidered chair backs; the floral-and-vine pattern was designed to match their wedding stationery suite.