14 Creative Wedding Menu Displays

14 Creative Wedding Menu Displays

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Personalized Banner

Gayle Brooker Photography

"We liked the idea of a two-in-one menu/place card," says bride Meredith. "The pop-up banner helped guests easily locate their seats." Menu details were screen-printed onto squares of fabric; guests' names were digitally printed, cut, and folded to create the black pop-up banner.

Custom design, Oscar & Emma

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Cutting Board

Bonnie Tsang Photography

To complement the rustic venue-a lush lavender farm-each table featured a menu card tied around the handle of a wooden butcher board with twine.

Custom design, Blue Pool Road

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Wooden Sign

Courtesy of Nancy Ray

For a family-style dinner reception, one couple commissioned an oversize wooden sign stained in rich walnut to hang from the tent rafters. Hand-painted with the evening's menu offerings and charming Southern-inspired imagery, "it served as a focal point of the reception-like a work of art," says bride Sara.

Custom design, Chocolate Butterbean

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Chopstick Sleeve

Courtesy of Double Happiness Creations

Keepsake chopsticks-housed in sleeves printed with your menu text-double as favors.

Custom design, Double Happiness Creations

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Max Wanger Photography

"We're both designer-architects-I created the menu graphics and my husband Kyle engraved and sandblasted the Lucite," says bride Elle. During the candlelit reception, the menu was displayed on the dessert table. "We loved how it glowed at night," Elle says.

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Bowl Bottom

Amelia Lyon

This menu was designed to complement the place setting-the round card fitperfectly into the base of the salad bowl.

Custom design, MaeMae Paperie*

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Paper Doilies

Susan Stripling Photography

White paper doilies purchased in bulk were stained with tea for a vintage look; after drying, each doily was stamped with the menu text using a custom rubber stamp and then pressed flat with an iron.

Custom stamp, Love Jenna Calligraphy

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Sarah K Chen Photography

"I love the 'perfectly imperfect' look of chalkboard signs-there are many versions out there, but I wanted ours to look unique," says bride Phyllis, who created a chalkboard menu for the reception's dessert buffet. She had plywood cut down to size at a local hardware store and covered it with chalkboard paint. Phyllis did the hand lettering to match the typefaces used throughout her wedding stationery suite.

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Favor Bag

Janae Shields Photography

Using an inkjet printer, menu text was printed on kraft bakery bags (that were later filled with homemade trail mix) and secured with wooden clothespins.

Custom design, Good On Paper Design, Gloria Wong Design

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JL Photografia, Janet Moscarello & Lisa Lefringhouse

A traditional English "belly board" painted with the menu details was a clever tie-in to one couple's wedding held near the ocean in Carmel Valley, CA.

Custom design, Evan Hecox

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Wooden Crates

"My husband found these wooden crates at a flea market," says bride Kelly. "They complemented the natural setting of our outdoor wedding." The couple wrote out the menu details in chalk and then displayed the stacked crates near the dinner buffet.

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Cootie Catcher

Thorsen Photography

This one wins "most playful": The bride folded menu cards into "cootie catchers" (remember those from elementary school?), and guests lifted each flap to reveal the evening's offerings.

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Mark Brooke Photographers

Bride Leslie spotted a roll of recycled kraft paper at her local hardware store and was inspired to use it in all of the wedding's stationery. To create the menu, she cut the roll of paper into smaller sheets and printed the dinner fare on an inkjet printer; the menus were displayed one per table using basic office supply store clipboards.

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Wood Veneer Paper

Scott Lewis

After designing a menu layout, bride Anna trimmed wood veneer paper down to size and ran it through her inkjet printer. Punching holes in the corners of two sheets and tying them together with raffia created a freestanding display.

Wood veneer paper, $12 for an 18" x 24" sheet, Kate's Paperie