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Stylish Fitness Clothes to Keep You Motivated During Your Resolution Workouts

Stylish Fitness Clothes to Keep You Motivated During Your Resolution Workouts

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Forever 21 Active Ribbed Cropped Cami

Courtesy of Forever 21

SHOP NOW: Forever 21, $12.90

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Fabletics Kelly Rowland Ultra High-Waisted Statement Powerhold Legging

Courtesy of Fabletics

SHOP NOW: Fabletics, 2 for $24

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Eddie Bauer Movement Kick Flare Pants

Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

SHoP NOW: Eddie Bauer, was $70, now $34.99

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JoyLab High-Waisted 7/8 Seamless Leggings

Courtesy of JoyLab

SHOP NOW: Target, $34.99

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Courtesy of H&M

H&M Winter Running Tights

SHOP NOW: H&M, $39.99

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Carbon38 Rally Tank

Courtesy of Carbon38

SHOP NOW: Carbon38, $42

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GapFit Breathe Pullover Hoodie

Courtesy of GapFit

SHOP NOW: Gap, $44.95

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Manduka Enlight Relaxed Tee

Courtesy of Manduka

SHOP NOW: Manduka, $48

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LolГ« Ela Bra

Courtesy of LolГ«

SHOP NOW: LolГ«, was $85, now $51

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Nike Pro HyperCool

Courtesy of Nike

SHOP NOW: Nike, $55

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Lululemon Ebb To Street Tank II

Courtesy of Lululemon

SHOP NOW: Lululemon, $58

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Beyond Yoga Levitate Bra

Courtesy of Beyond Yoga

SHOP NOW: Beyond Yoga, $64

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Good American The Core Plunge Sports Bra

Courtesy of Good American

SHOP NOW: Good American, $65

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Tory Sport Seamless Racerback Cami Bra

Courtesy of Tory Sport

SHOP NOW: Tory Burch, $65

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Varley Sherman Bra

Courtesy of Varley

SHOP NOW: Varley, $68

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Victoria Sport Knockout Pocket Tight

Courtesy of Victoria Sport

SHOP NOW: Victoria Secret, $74.50

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Phat Buddha Maiden Lane Crop Bra

Courtesy of Phat Buddha

SHOP NOW: Phat Buddha, $79

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Casall Gathered Side Hood

Courtesy of Casall

SHOP NOW: Casall, was $121, now $85

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The Upside Signs Dance Bra

Courtesy of The Upside

SHOP NOW: The Upside, $89

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Athleta Contender Laser Cut 7/8 Tight

Courtesy of Athleta

SHOP NOW: Athleta, $89

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New Balance Evolve Bodysuit

Courtesy of New Balance

SHOP NOW: New Balance, was $124.99, now $93.99

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Alo High-Waist Seamless Radiance Legging

Courtesy of Alo Yoga

SHOP NOW: Alo Yoga, $94

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Alala Love Bra

Courtesy of Alala

SHOP NOW: Bandier, $95

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Outdoor Voices TechSweat 7/8 Zoom Leggings

Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

SHOP NOW: Outdoor Voices, $95

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Live The Process Corset Bodysuit

Courtesy of Live The Process

SHOP NOW: Live The Process, $188