50 Wedding Ideas for the Boho Bride

50 Wedding Ideas for the Boho Bride

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Think About a Tripod Altar

Photo by Anni Graham Photography

A tripod altar can bring an enchanting element to a bohemian wedding ceremony. “The bride's lush bouquet and the floral installation on the altar were built primarily with a variety of ferns and vines local to the area,” says Eatherley Schultz, founder of Floressence Flowers. Minimal ceremony decor helped to highlight the uniqueness of the altar design.

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Incorporate Mother Nature

Photo by Levi Tijerna

Who wouldn't want to exchange vows in front of this stunning Mother Nature-inspired piece? A custom-made planet backdrop speckled with gold metallic and adorned with a 50-foot garland makes our bohemian hearts swoon.

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Embrace the Natural Setting

Photo by Tyler Rye Photography

A wooden ceremony structure with hanging succulents complements the surrounding desert landscape.

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Incorporate Gemstones

Photo by Erin J. Saldana Photography

A triangular ceremony arch crafted from copper piping drips with turquoise gems.

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Have Whimsical Florals

Photo by Janae Shields Photography

"When creating a boho design, it's important for the florals to be loose and whimsical,” says Christina Millikin, founder of Glow Events when emphasizing just some of the more detailed features need to showcase your boho design. “You don't want anything too tight or perfectly formed when it comes to arrangements,” Millikin adds. The florals adorning these ceremony chairs are a perfect example!

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Consider Celestial Details

Photo by Bri Costello

We're dreaming of starry nights with this galaxy-inspired ceremony backdrop, which perfects the expansiveness of the unlimited sky in swirling blues and golds.

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Match the Altar to the Landscape

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

At this outdoor ceremony, the expansive and scenic landscape of the couple's venue proved to be the perfect backdrop to their bohemian wedding. “The green in both the grass and overarching trees were the perfect complement to the loose greenery in both the style of the altar and decorative decor,” says Lisa Karvellas, owner of Cedar Lakes Estate. Play off of the natural features of your ceremony site while finalizing details of your boho setup.

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Take "I Love You to the Moon and Back" Literally

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

This one takes our breath away-a seven-foot moon installation crafted from hundreds of corks makes for a whimsical statement backdrop.

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Make a Room Outdoors

Photo by Lane Dittoe

For this outdoor affair, a display of white draped curtains adorned with loose greenery marked the entrance to the day's alfresco events. “Hang a string of delicate white lights above your designated entrance to guarantee visibility (and an added sense of decor), whether day or night,” says Thomas Bui, founder of Thomas Bui Lifestyle.

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Wear a Flower Crown

Allison Kuhn Photography

Bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless and elegant style. “This lace wedding dress with a simple yet dramatic cape gives this bride an ultra-romantic look,” notes Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner of The Graceful Host. The elegance of the gown-paired with soft, loose curls and a delicate flower crown-evokes a free-spirited nature.

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Carry an Organic Bouquet

Photo by Leila Brewster Photography

More and more bohemian brides are using unique color palettes in their bouquets. “This bride carried more color in her bouquet to match her bridesmaids' dresses which were in an array of patterns and colors,” says Yumiko Fletcher, owner of Hana Floral Design. For this specific style, florals are arranged more naturally for an earthy aesthetic.

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Consider Bud Vases

Photo by Bryan N. Miller Photography

Florals epitomize a bohemian wedding style, so when finalizing ideas for your tablescape, think outside of the box regarding your floral arrangement. “Single stems in various vases gave the look of a dainty yet whimsical centerpiece display,” said Merilee Hennings, owner of EverAfter Events. An assortment of blooms in blush tones complemented the gold details throughout each place setting.

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Utilize Succulents

Photo by Ashley Bosnick

Simplistic beauty is written all over this place setting. A succulent accent brings a taste of the earth to a chic and stylish trio of plates in classic navy and gold.

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Incorporate Sage Greenery

Photo by Peyton Rainey Photography

A succulent centerpiece and sage greenery pairs with a macramГ© runner for some chic indie vibes.

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Marry in a Greenhouse

Photo by Julia Franzosa Photography

This couple opted for a backdrop that highlighted the organic and ethereal atmosphere of their day. Julia Franzosa, owner of Julia Franzosa Photography, says, “Think lush greenery and subtle hues to incorporate a nature-inspired or boho aesthetic into your wedding portraits.”

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Take Outdoor Portraits

Photo by Nancy Ray Photography

“Think about using in-season local floral arrangements, or think bigger and choose a venue that really connects with the bohemian aesthetic,” says Gilda McDaniel of Fearrington Village. “We find that our couples love the pastoral setting and the connection to rural farming roots combined with elegant dining and service,” McDaniel adds.

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Use Natural Elements

Photo by Steve Steinhardt Photography

“Consider incorporating nontraditional elements into your design, such as concrete, wood, stone and tile,” says Allyson Joseph, Principal at Bob Gail Special Events, when describing a creative alternative to a traditional escort card display. “These elements can make a unique statement while tying in the natural elements of your surroundings,” Joseph adds.

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Go for Marble Elements

Photo by Cambria Grace Photography

Escort cards in swirling Italian marble paper are masterpieces in themselves, mimicking nature's best elements-the sea, the sand, and the sky.

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Let the Invitation Set the Mood

Photo by Cassie Rosch; Christine Cater Floral and Event Design

A marble invitation suite puts an earthy spin on classic black. We love how the calligraphy matches the curvature of the swirling marble!

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Have Agate Escort Cards

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography

“These effortlessly beautiful boho-chic agate stones incorporate elements of nature along with a certain romanticism,” says Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events. These stones featured gold calligraphy of each guest's name and served as escort cards to direct guests to their seats.

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Hang Crescent Moons

Photo by Birds of a Feather

These beautiful hand-painted metal crescents shine almost as brightly as the moon in the sky, making for quite the original and decorative table seating plan.

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Make Coasters Double as Escort Cards

Photo by Apryl Ann

A wall of marble escort cards in hexagonal shapes has a modern feel.

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Introduce Guests to Quartz

Photo by Redfield Photography

Quartz paperweights jazz up ordinary paper escort cards for a bit of earthy dazzle.

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Consider Reclaimed Wood

Photo by Melissa Fuller

Our nature-loving hearts are in love with this escort card display! Handmade from reclaimed wood, the backdrop boasts a colorful array of agate slices with names and table numbers in gold.

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DIY Your Own Details

Photo by Tyler Rye Photography

Agate slices hand-painted to resemble majestic mountains and desert hues make for name cards with a personal touch.

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Write Table Numbers on Agate Stones

Photo by Jamie & Sarah Photography

A magenta agate table number brings a punch of color to a botanical tablescape, looking vibrant next to a succulent in an open terrarium.

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Incorporate More Marble

Photo by Nick Radford Photography

Marble table numbers bearing thick, gold calligraphy add sophistication to a lavishly botanical tablescape.

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Make Moon-Shaped Signage

Photo by Amanda Lenhardt

This moon-shaped table number is fit for the stars.

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Embrace Simplicity

Photo by The Grovers

One of the best ways to define bohemian wedding style throughout your reception is through your tablescape, which provides the opportunity to showcase your choice in florals, linens, and decor. “For bohemian weddings, light wooden tables with plenty of clear glassware, white plates, and overflowing florals make for a great execution of design,” says Brooke Keegan, owner of Brooke Keegan Special Events. “Candle votives in varying heights add a touch of elegance to your display while providing a soft glow,” Keegan adds.

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Have Unique Napkin Rings

Photo by The W Portraiture; Design by Floratherapie

An agate napkin ring in seafoam hues and gilded edges clutches a blush napkin for pastel romance.

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Get Creative with the Menu

Photo by Jessica Kettle Photography

They say love is written in the stars! A cute quote on a starry backdrop adds an unexpected touch to a place setting.

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Layer with Marble Chargers

Photo by Braedon Flynn

A marble place mat perfects the light and airy vibe in this contemporary springtime setting.

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Dine Under Drapes

Photo by Carlie Statsky

There's nothing like putting yourself in the middle of nature when embracing an alfresco reception. For this setup, Alicia Falango, owner of Alicia K Designs, opted for an ethereal design scheme when creating this outdoor reception space. “Covering the tables in a wooden draped structure and incorporating garlands as a table runner helped to tie-in the surroundings of the event, as well as lend itself to a boho aesthetic,” Falango explains.

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Mismatch Rentals

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle

Consider mixing bohemian wedding decor elements to really give your design an organic vibe. “Mixing chair types gives the table a collected feel,” says Gina Jokilehto-Schigel, owner of Shi Shi Events. You can also achieve the same aesthetic by creating a cohesive yet eclectic tablescape. “Layering place setting patterns and colors makes for an effortlessly edited vibe,” she adds.

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Coordinate with Nature

Photo by Weddings by Scott and Dana

“For this reception, the wooden chairs seamlessly complemented the venue's barn ceiling and wooden beams,” says Kate Whelan, owner of Kate Whelan Events. “Simple white cheesecloth and small bundles of greenery provided the perfect centerpiece and table runner options,” Whelan adds.

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Consider a Runner

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

Geometric funk meets chic in a blue marble table runner, modern menu, and rose quartz accent.

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Incorporate Quartz Elements

Photo by Birds of a Feather

We can't say enough about this dreamy place setting. Seriously, what's more gorgeous than a quartz place mat? Geode and celestial accents add a mystical touch in an overall palette of ivory, violet, chambray, and quartz.

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Go for Greenery

Photo by Onelove Photography

“When we design a wedding dinner space, we kind of think of it like styling an outfit,” explains Heidi Hughett, wedding sage and lead designer at Coastside Couture. Consider dressing up in-house chairs if bringing in additional rentals is not an option. “A lush green garland and some silk ribbon created an organically simple design which complemented the nearby table and outdoor surroundings,” notes Hughett.

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Consider a Lush Setting

Photo by Judy Pak

“We love the sophisticated elegance of this wedding that combines chic and boho design elements flawlessly!” says Lindsey Hamma, events manager at The Foundry. “Any time a couple hosts their dining experience in our courtyard, it makes for the perfect ivy enveloped garden setting,” Hamma adds. Complement your boho design with a venue that evokes a similar style, in this case, plenty of lush greenery.

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Amp Up the Candlelight

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

Marbled cement candlesticks hosting copper-dipped candles emit a contemporary chic feel against a bed of foliage.

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Pair Unexpected Hues

Photo by Kristine Herman

Pretty in pink with a dash of blue, this peachy sweetheart setting reflects the sunset over the ocean. Metallic gold marble napkins, rose geodes, and Himalayan sea salt make this look complete.

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Decorate the Bar

Photo by Aaron and Jillian Photography

“Bring outdoor elements in and elevate their importance,” suggests Sarah Pozda, owner of Branch Design Studio. Here, lush garlands were used to adorn an all-white bar. “Making greenery a large focal point always provides a dramatic and romantic feel,” Pozda explains.

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Make an Instagrammable Moment

Photo by Abby Jiu

Black, white, and modern chic, this photo wall backdrop is one we'd jump at the chance to take a picture in front of.

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Mix Modern and Rustic Elements

Photo by Holeigh V Photography

“Chelsea and Brent's gorgeous farm allowed for a whimsical bohemian feel, while their styles were more modern and clean,” says Jeannette Tavares, chief creative director of EVOKE. The couple mixed elements of these two styles to create an original design. “The neon sign-a wonderful contemporary element that added to their rustic reception space-now hangs in their home, as a reminder of that unforgettable night,” Tavares says.

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Make Your Own Constellations

Photo by Sarah Maren Photographers

This creative guestbook is a midsummer night's dream. Have your guests sign their names among the constellations for a memorable piece of artwork.

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Hang Wicker Lanterns

Photo by Rebecca Yale

“This nest of bamboo is what we call our bohemian beach style,” says Melissa Paul, brand integrator at Elena Damy, describing the woven hanging installation above this outdoor tablescape. “Embracing free-form creativity and natural elegance, we paired these nests with the tablescape to evoke the relaxed vibe of coastal Mexico,” Paul explains.

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Decorate with Fresh Blooms

Photo by Carlie Statsky

One of the most recognizable ways to showcase your bohemian wedding style is through fresh florals. “Adding a lovely wild garden accent, like wispy jasmine, can take a cake from formal to more bohemian in a flash,” says Jennifer Zukovsky, co-owner of Fionna Floral. For this wedding, a simple tiered wedding cake with fresh blooms and delicate vines created an ethereal display.

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Make the Cake a Star

Photo by Orange Photographie

This celestial cake is out of this world. Inspired by the constellations and Milky Way of the starry sky, it exudes the poetry of midnight.

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Marvel in the Marble

Photo by The Argus Image

Cake or spectacular artistic masterpiece? Marble icing mimics the burnt watercolor tones of the desert canyons, while a burst of geode framed by metallic foil glistens in the center.

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Add MacramГ© Accents

Photo by Monika Gauthier Photography

A wedding cake display can't get more bohemian than this suspended trio, complete with macramГ© accents and terrariums bursting with air plants and greenery.