The Dish You Have to Try in Every Popular Honeymoon Destination

The Dish You Have to Try in Every Popular Honeymoon Destination

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Pan con Tomate With JamГіn IbГ©rico in Spain

Courtesy of AbadГ­a Retuerta LeDomaine

"At Refectorio, our distinguished One Michelin Star restaurant, we work with vegetables and meat from different suppliers and local farmers in the area, which allows us to prepare dishes such as our signature roasted suckling pig, pumpkin, and cardamom acid cream. You can also enjoy the classic pan con tomate with jamón ibérico at our more casual concept, Vinoteca. We use the Iberian ham D.O. Guijuelo which is, in our opinion, the best ham ever that you can only find in Spain. Savor both with a glass of our Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial.” -Chef Marc Segarra of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine

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Pastries and Champagne in Paris

Courtesy of HГґtel Lutetia

“This dessert was created for the Lutetia and consists of berries and cream. Crispy, smooth, sweet, and perfect with a glass of Champagne.” - Pastry Chef Gaetan Friad of Le Saint Germain at Hôtel Lutetia

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Plant-Based Sushi in Miami

Courtesy of Planta South Beach

"Our plant-based sushi and nigiri carry the flavors and textures of ordinary sushi in new, inventive ways using fruits and vegetables such as watermelon to mirror ahi tuna and carrot for salmon, and the platter features a selection of our best rolls. It's really the perfect shareable plate for newlyweds hoping to try something new and still fit into their clothes once the honeymoon is over." -Chef Benjamin Goldman of Planta South Beach

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Seafood Pozole in Mexico

Courtesy of Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita

“We all know about reputation seafood has and its aphrodisiac effects to incite love, which is why at Imanta we believe our seafood pozole is the perfect choice for honeymooners who visit the Punta Mita (Rivera Nayarit) destination. It's a traditional Mexican dish that can be prepared many different ways depending on the region and it incorporates a variety of local seafood. Our version is comprised of organic corn 'nixtamalized' or limewater washed, then hulled and cooked with seafood broth, lobster, octopus, chocolate clams, and mussels.” -Chef Olivier Deboise of Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita

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New Mexican Rack of Lamb in Santa Fe

Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi

“This dish is a must-try for anyone in Santa Fe. Lamb and sheep used to roam around New Mexican in the millions, and they continue to be a signature protein for the state. We combine the lamb with the freshest seasonal vegetables, such as carrots and beets, and experimental ingredients like Greek yogurt and coconut milk, to enhance the flavor of the meat. A one-of-a-kid meal you'll be thinking about long after you return home.” -Gabor L. Vida, managing director of Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi

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Locally Sourced Produce in Napa

Courtesy of Carneros Resort and Spa

“In a popular honeymoon destination like Napa, tasting menus are a dime a dozen, but what sets ours apart at FARM at the Carneros Resort and Spa is the single ingredient aspect. I get really excited as the seasons turn and earlier this year we did an entire tasting menu around spring peas, as that was the ingredient currently growing in the region and in our culinary garden on property. Looking ahead, we're most excited to highlight menus around tomatoes, peppers, and squash, but we're also ready to harvest figs, quince, and pomegranates to blend flavors to execute creative dishes.” -Chef Aaron Meneghelli of Carneros Resort and Spa

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Dulce de Leche Crepes in Uruguay

Courtesy of Narbona Wine Lodge

“At Narbona Wine Lodge we always recommend sharing a selection of cheese and nuts with marinated olives, because all the elements of this dish are from Narbona. The cheese is from our Tambo 20 minutes away and the olives from our farm, where we produce olive oil, preserves, honey, and dry pasta with Italian semolina. We also make our famous dulce de leche in our Tambo and the most romantic way to end any meal in Uruguay is with dulce de leech crepes with ice cream. A nice sweet delicacy, accompanied by one of our Narbona wines, of course.” -Chef Romina Gonzalez of Narbona Wine Lodge

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Bananas Foster in New Orleans

Courtesy of Brennan's

"Bananas foster is synonymous with Brennan's restaurant since it was invented here in 1951 and remains our number-one-selling dish-we use over 35,000 pounds of bananas per year! It's made with bananas, vanilla ice cream, and topped with its traditional sauce (a killer combination of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur). We prepare it tableside as a flambГ©, so it's just as impressive as it is delicious. Bananas foster holds a special place in the hearts of New Orleanians, but it's even more meaningful to all of us at Brennan's." - Slade Rushing, executive chef of Brennan's

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Trout Three Ways in the Catskills

Courtesy of The DeBruce

“The DeBruce is located within Catskill Park, just above the Willowemoc River, which is well known to anglers as one of the country's famous fly-fishing rivers. Our trout course from our tasting menu pays homage to our area and we serve it cured and cold-smoked to preserve its freshness. In our Club Room bar, we also serve a trout board, showcasing the trout prepared in three ways: trout tacos, trout crudo, and trout croquettes, which are all ideal for sharing on an intimate getaway in the Catskills.” -Chef Aksel Theilkuhl of The Debruce

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Lobster from the Forgotten City in Greece

Katikies Mykonos

“One of my favorite dishes for couples is our lobster from the Forgotten City. Full of lean protein, B-12, and zinc, lobster contains all of the necessary nutrients to prepare your body for a long, romantic evening. In fact, the lobster's aphrodisiac history can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who believed Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born of the sea and all ocean creatures were her playthings in the game of love. The local fresh lobster from the coast of Mykonos is the base, the wild artichoke is from Crete's mountains, fresh baby carrots and herbs from the garden on the property, fresh potatoes from the fields of Mykonos, and a refined egg-lemon sauce from the lobster's coral is added at the end.” -Chef Angelos Bakopoulos of Katikies Mykonos