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6 Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Mom's Dress in Your Wedding

6 Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Mom's Dress in Your Wedding

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You love your mom to the moon and back, but let's face it, there's no way you'd be caught dead in her outdated wedding dress on your big day (sorry, ma!). You'd like to incorporate it somehow because it really would mean a lot to you both. Other than completely altering it and wearing it on your walk down the aisle though, you're stumped for ideas-that's where we come in. Here are a few planner-approved ways to include your mom's dress at your own wedding.

Shorten It for Your Rehearsal Dinner

If mom's wedding dress is similar in size and not super formal like some traditional gowns, consider having it shortened (and modernized if need be) to wear to your rehearsal dinner, suggests Seattle-based wedding planner Julia Pavlovski of Wedding Wise. "She'll absolutely adore seeing you in her dress, and it may even bring tears to her eyes!"

Wrap a Piece Around Your Bouquet

Every bridal bouquet needs some sort of ribbon to hold it together at the stems, so why not use a piece of fabric from your mother's dress instead? Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision in South Florida, says this is a great option for brides who have a sister or sisters interested in wearing mom's dress in the future. "You can cut a piece of fabric from the underside of the dress and still keep the dress intact for your sister to wear later."

Weave Some Fabric Into Your Flower Crown

Calling all boho brides! One way to tie in the tradition of "Something Old," according to Anna Noriega, founder of AlorГ© Event Firm, is to jazz up your flower crown with a tiny piece of mom's dress. "Floral crowns have become increasingly popular and adding a touch of fabric or lace to yours can help give it a very personal and romantic touch." Aww.

Turn It Into a Lacy Table Runner

Or overlay for the head table or sweetheart table, recommends Pavlovski. "Having it on display where you will share your first meal as husband and wife is such a meaningful way to honor mom and her wedding dress."

Create Your Own Wedding Clutch

If you're good at the whole DIY thing, you can find tons of tutorials online for how to wrap a clutch with fabric from your mom's wedding dress, points out Pavlovski. "If not, enlist the help of a crafty friend or hire a seamstress to create your custom wedding clutch for you." Another sentimental idea would be to sew the fabric into a handkerchief to wipe your tears. While you're at it, you could create a special one for mom as well.

Wear Your Mom's Veil

If her dress won't fit or simply isn't your style, wearing your mom's veil is a beautiful way to bring her past into your future, notes Allongo. "After all, veils are accessories that used to be handmade by family members and can literally fit anyone." You can also have your seamstress remove that beautiful lace overlay, gorgeous beading or other lovely detail and add it to your own dress train or veil.